Top 5 New England Patriots of All Time

Top 5 New England Patriots of All Time
Tom Brady

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Top 5 New England Patriots of All Time

New England football has been reborn in the past decade, grabbing three Lombardi Trophies over the last 10 years. Coaching has been a major part of the winning formula but the one’s who get out on the field every Sunday are the main ingredient. So who are the best New England Patriot players of all time? Let’s look at the top 5 and see if your favorite player is there.

#5 Richard Seymour

A five-time Pro Bowl player, Richard Seymour dominated the defensive line for many years before being traded to Oakland. His presence held some of the best running backs in check while wrecking havoc on Quarterbacks. If that’s not enough to land him one of the top spots, then his three All-Pros should make him an easy choice.

#4 Asante Samuel

One of the most consistent DBs in the NFL, Samuel was another of the key components that has led to this franchise. Who knows where New England would be today if he had stayed? Nevertheless, his brilliant play deserves one of the top spots.

#3 Wes Welker

How could anyone pass up this man? He’s consistent, always brings his A-Game, and gives Tom Brady another target. Wes Welker is a essential part of this offense and is one of the most underrated wide receivers in the NFL. You don’t see his name up there with other big time wide outs like Jerry Rice or Randy Moss, but Wes Welker proves his worth in every single game.

#2 Ty Law

Defense wins championships. Ty Law is one of the fundamental pieces to the puzzle that has brought the Patriots three Super Bowls. He holds the record for most interceptions by a Patriots player, but that alone isn’t what landed him the number two spot. His six interceptions from Peyton Manning during postseason play is a huge part of why Ty is number 2. Because during big games, the best always step up and make a difference. That’s exactly what Ty Law is all about!

#1 Tom Brady

The underdog from the 2000 draft has found his way in the number one spot here. Not because of his name or position, but because the facts speak for themselves. Tom Brady has repeated proven the experts wrong over the past 10 years and has went from underdog to favorite.

He's a three time Super Bowl Champion and multiple Pro Bowler. It’s very hard to believe that he was ever considered an underdog, yet Brady was the 7th Quarterback (199 Overall) selected in the 2000 Draft. Does anyone even remember the six Quarterbacks selected ahead of him? Tom Brady is definitely living proof that an underdog is capable of anything.

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