Brett Favre, Retiring from the NFL is Tough

Brett Favre, Retiring from the NFL is Tough
Brett Favre

Brett Favre, Retiring from the NFL is Tough

A lot of players have no choice in their retirement. They get injured and no one will sign them. But some players are extremely lucky and get to the end of their careers and still have some playing ability. And that’s when retiring is tough.

By Steve Patterson

Favre Wants Back In

    Brett Favre has retired but can’t stay away from the sport that he has played professionally for the last 17 years. He has the one Super Bowl ring and he has records including the most MVP awards (95, 96, and 97). And he is headed to the football Hall of Fame in Canton if he can stay retired for another five years.

    But that’s the where the problem begins. He stuck around maybe a little too long and reports now have him wanting to make a circus of the Packer’s training camp by showing up and walking onto the field, like he’s a part of the team. But the team doesn’t want Favre back as they have had their replacement in camp three times already in Aaron Rodgers and not used him.

It’s Aaron’s Time

    Aaron Rodgers has been paid well for his three years backing up the most injury free quarterback in the history of the game (253 consecutive starts is a record). Coming out of California, Rodgers had a QB rating of 147 in 2003 and a QB rating of 154 his senior year in 2004. Now it is time for the 2005 first round selection by the Packers to make his starts and get the on-the-field experience that he has been unable to get. I think Wisconsin is ready for the next great Packer quarterback to start winning championships for the team.

Go Out in Good Standing

     Favre did wait too long to retire as his yearly time of contemplation was a distraction for the team but he still managed to end his career on a good team with a good record. Winning the Divisional Playoffs after a 13-3 season is something that Favre should be proud of after a number of challenging years.

    Retiring as a Packer, the team you played with for 16 years, and retiring after a good year is what any veteran player would want. Creating havoc and possibly going to play for another team at the end of a career only embarrass oneself and Favre should avoid doing so.

    Best of luck to Brett Favre but all the bickering and indecision here at the end could tarnish what was a Hall of Fame career. Go out in good standing and enjoy what life has to offer after your NFL career has ended.

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