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Ken Griffey Jr. Reaches Milestone

Ken Griffey Jr. came to Cincinnati with the expectation of reaching milestones like 600 home runs sooner rather than later. Earlier this week he did hit the 600 mark but it came after a number of years of injures that have left Red’s fans frustrated.

Strahan Goes out on Top

Michael Strahan took advantage of the perfect timing of a Superbowl upset of the Patriots to declare his retirement from the NY Giants earlier this week. The dominating defensive end played as well as he had when he was younger causing all kinds of trouble for quarterbacks on a defensive that controlled lines of scrimmage all season long.

Lakers the surprise, Celtics predictable

After the Boston Celtics picked Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen in the offseason to complete a super trio with Paul Pierce, Boston was expected to make it far into the NBA playoffs. The Lakers had a major melt-down with Kobe Bryant ready to bolt to somewhere, anywhere. No one expected LA to go very far.

When Kids do Stupid Things

The LSU quarterback is gone and his career pretty much over in any meaningful way. Ryan Perrilloux had his share of legal and disciplinary problems during his two year stint at LSU and Coach Less Miles had finally had enough when he threw him off the team today.

Years Best Promotion for an NFL Fan

Years Best Promotion for an NFL Fan

According to a radio station in Greater Cincinnati offered to trade Cincinnati Cyclone hockey tickets in for Chad Johnson 85 Bengal jerseys to any fan that showed up at a local sports retail outlet, Koch's Sporting Goods, on Tuesday. The Cincinnati Cyclones are a professional hockey team that won the ECHL North division with a 55-11 record this year.

Chad Johnson follows Chris Henry out of Cincinnati

Chad Johnson is demanding a trade again and no one is sure why. The Bengals were a Super Bowl competitive team three years ago, there is not much competition at wide receiver since Chris Henry got the boot and Carson Palmer is still one of the best quarterbacks in the country.


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