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Like Papa Johns, Lebron James looks to make Amends

Like Papa Johns, Lebron James looks to make Amends

    Just like Papa Johns Pizza across the state of Ohio, Lebron James hopes to make up for a bad night. A Washington DC based Papa Johns ran a promotion calling the Cleveland Cavaliers a bunch of crybabies and now Papa Johns is going out of their way to make amends. The pizza chain is offering 23 cent pizzas in major cities across Ohio on Thursday. That's one nice PR campaign.
    Now if only Lebron James can take a terrible first game of the Boston Celtics series and make a nice rebound, fans of Cleveland can celebrate with their cheap pizza instead of tossing the inexpensive pie at the television.
    Lebron was 2-18 from the field with 0-6 from beyond the three point mark in a tough physical match-up that saw a number of Celtic players covering him and a number of Celtic players fouling him. From the foul point line he was 8-10, which was the majority of his scoring in the loss. He has a history of coming back from bad games and Cleveland hopes that he plays well while Boston stars Paul Pierce or Ray Allen continue to struggle. If all three have good games, the Cavaliers could be done 0-2 heading back home.


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