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Buckeyes vs Hilltoppers: A Closer Look at Saturday's Clash

In the heart of Buckeye Nation, the No.6 Ohio State football team is gearing up to face the Western Kentucky Hilltoppers, and while the spotlight might be on the looming clash with No. 9 Notre Dame, Coach Ryan Day and his squad are leaving no stone unturned in preparation.


Now, to the untrained eye, the face-off with the Hilltoppers might not scream "Game of the Century", but let's not underestimate Western Kentucky. They come into this matchup with a perfect 2-0 record and a preseason buzz as the team to beat in the C-USA. Not arriving in Columbus alone, their head coach flanked by a roster of Hilltopper playmakers, all with one mission in mind - to shatter Ohio State's home-field advantage and mar their perfect record.

Air Raid

Ohio State has just 10 points conceded and 387 total yards given up in two games, a testament to their prowess. Sure, the opponents haven't been the most formidable, but now, facing Western Kentucky's Air Raid, we'll truly see if the Buckeyes have taken that pivotal step forward in their second season under Jim Knowles' guidance. While the early part of the schedule might have favored the Buckeyes, the Hilltoppers' Air Raid offense will provide a more revealing barometer of the strides the Buckeyes have made in their second season under defensive coordinator Jim Knowles' system.

Kyle McCord Named Starter

Speaking of progress, Ohio State's head coach, Ryan Day, has settled on Kyle McCord as his starting quarterback. McCord's mission now is to get the Buckeyes' offense running more smoothly. One player who has seen McCord's growth up close is wide receiver Emeka Egbuka. The potential first-round pick roomed with McCord when they both arrived in Columbus in 2021. Egbuka has had a front-row seat to witness not only McCord's development but also his leadership qualities. He knows firsthand just how good McCord can be.

9/14/2023 7:16:16 PM
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Stepping into the Spotlight: Eddrick Houston Chooses Ohio State Football

Hey Buckeye fans, exciting news on the football recruiting front! Ohio State just added a major player to their lineup from Gwinnett County. Eddrick Houston, a four-star defensive end, made a big decision Tuesday night.

Eddrick Houston

Houston, a top-notch defensive end, is joining the team. And get this, it's giving a boost to Ohio State's already high-ranked recruiting class, sitting pretty at number two. He said no to Alabama, Clemson, Georgia, and USC in favor of Ohio State.

So, who's this Eddrick Houston?

Eddrick Houston's rise on the national stage as the No. 28 overall player and a top player in his position speaks volumes about his dedication. He's the 4th defensive linemen and 23rd overall player in his class according to the 247Sports Composite Rankings.

What's cool is that Houston and five-star quarterback Dylan Raiola are teammates at Buford High School. You might remember that Raiola's already committed to Georgia, so there's a neat connection there.

Imagine this: Houston is 6 feet 3 inches tall and weighs 265 pounds.Larry Johnson and Perry Eliano were instrumental in recruiting Houston for the Buckeyes.

And guess how Houston made his commitment announcement? Houston's announcement about joining Ohio State was a big deal—it happened live on 247Sports!

8/22/2023 9:40:56 PM
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Big Ten Conference Set to Expand with Addition of Washington and Oregon

In a beautiful development shaking up the college football offseason, the Big Ten Conference is poised to get even larger as it prepares to welcome West Coast powerhouses. According to a reliable file via Brett McMurphy, both Oregon and Washington are making the leap from the Pac-12 to sign up for the celebrated Big Ten. The circulate, scheduled for 2024, has sent shockwaves thru the college sports activities network.


The choice by way of Oregon and Washington to depart the Pac-12 at the back of and embody the Big Ten has foremost implications for each conferences. The Pac-12 now faces an unsure destiny, with the departure of these prominent establishments probably main to a collapse or a lessened form of merger. With USC and UCLA already part of the Big Ten, there may be a opportunity that different colleges ought to comply with in shape and deal a severe blow to the Pac-12's strength.

Sources close to the negotiations have found out that the Big Ten has opened its doors for Oregon and Washington to use for membership, signaling the seriousness in their intentions. Though the official settlement and statement are still inside the finalization degree, four reliable people with understanding of the scenario, talking anonymously, have confirmed the development.

Media Rights

While the transition promises monstrous blessings for both Oregon and Washington, it won't right now furnish them complete stocks inside the Big Ten's new media rights address FOX, CBS, and NBC. However, regardless of this initial quandary, sources indicate that the pass will nonetheless be financially high-quality for the 2 establishments compared to staying inside the Pac-12.

The coming arrival of Oregon and Washington to the Big Ten provides a interesting new dynamic to the convention landscape. These two powerhouse programs will surely carry their rich football traditions and passionate fanbases to an already storied convention, putting the level for exciting matchups and increased competitiveness on the gridiron.

8/4/2023 4:31:49 PM
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Jontae Gilbert Committed to Ohio State but Looking Around at Other 2025 Programs

Jontae Gilbert, the talented high school football player from Frederick Douglass High School in Atlanta, has caught the attention of college football enthusiasts nationwide. With exceptional athletic abilities in both basketball and football, Gilbert's rise to prominence has been nothing short of remarkable. Surrounded by influential role models in Atlanta's sports culture, he has been inspired to pursue his dreams.

Gilbert's achievements at Douglass High School have made him one of the most promising young athletes in the region. His dedication to academics and athletics has set him apart, earning him numerous accolades and establishing records that will stand the test of time. He is considered a 5 star recruit and the 2nd best Safety recruit in the country for 2025.

Jontae Gilbert

On the football field, Gilbert's combination of size, speed, and agility makes him a formidable opponent. His natural instincts and unwavering commitment to the game have allowed him to excel, leading his team to multiple playoff appearances and establishing Douglass High School as a powerhouse in the region.In 2021 he played Varsity football both sides on the ball as a freshman.

Beyond his athletic prowess, Gilbert is also actively engaged in his studies and various extracurricular activities. He demonstrates a strong commitment to his community through his involvement in charitable organizations and causes.

Ohio State Commitment

While Gilbert has committed to Ohio State University, his recruitment process is not yet closed. Despite his commitment to the Buckeyes, he has been exploring other programs and taking visits to schools such as Georgia Tech, Georgia, Tennessee, Texas A&M, North Carolina State, and USC. He has also received additional offers, leaving his future plans open for speculation.

Off the field, Gilbert demonstrates qualities that go beyond sports. He actively engages in philanthropic endeavors, striving to make a positive impact in his community. He is also an avid reader, writer, and artist, continuously seeking new knowledge and honing his creative skills.

NFL Potential

While Gilbert's future plans have yet to be announced, speculation is rife. Some wonder if he will pursue a career in professional football through the NFL draft, while others speculate about his potential in other sports that could benefit from his size and athleticism.

7/13/2023 9:04:55 PM
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Ohio State Scores Big with 4-Star Tight End Damarion Witten's Commitment

Ladies and gentlemen, Ohio State football enthusiasts, we have reason to celebrate! The Buckeyes have hit the jackpot with the commitment of 4-star tight end sensation, Damarion Witten. This young talent, hailing from the great state of Ohio, had offers pouring in from top-tier programs such as Kentucky. However, the allure of donning the Scarlet and Gray proved too strong to resist for Witten. This monumental acquisition is a true game-changer for Ohio State, further bolstering an already formidable roster.


Who is Damarion Witten?

Let's delve into the background of this exceptional athlete. Damarion Witten, a 4-star recruit, has made the resolute decision to grace the gridiron for Ohio State. He had suitors knocking at his door from all directions, including the formidable Kentucky Wildcats. Nevertheless, he wisely chose to align his future with the Buckeyes. Witten's reputation precedes him, as he is renowned for his imposing physical stature, remarkable athleticism, and an uncanny ability to make game-altering plays. The addition of Witten to the Ohio State family is a monumental triumph.

What makes him a top recruit?

Now, what exactly sets this young man apart and elevates him to the realm of top recruits? Damarion Witten possesses a rare combination of attributes that catapult him to the upper echelons of talent. Standing tall at 6'4" and weighing in at 230 pounds, he epitomizes the prototypical tight end physique. His prowess extends beyond mere size; Witten showcases impressive speed and agility, allowing him to elude defenders and execute awe-inspiring receptions. Not to mention, his commendable work ethic and unwavering desire for self-improvement further solidify his status as a top-tier prospect destined for greatness at Ohio State.

Why did he choose Ohio State over other programs?

Now, the pivotal question: why did Witten choose the Buckeyes over other enticing programs? Despite whispers in recruiting circles hinting at a potential allegiance to Kentucky, Witten silenced the doubters by committing to Ohio State this past Saturday. His decision to join the Buckeyes can be attributed to a multitude of factors. The storied tradition of triumph at Ohio State played a significant role in his choice, as did the stellar coaching staff, which has continuously propelled the program to new heights. Additionally, the allure of competing for championships in a supportive environment that focuses on holistic player development spoke directly to Witten's aspirations and values. In essence, Ohio State presented the ideal blend of academic and athletic opportunities, making it the perfect fit for Witten's promising future. He eagerly awaits the chance to contribute to the Buckeyes' ongoing success.

How will he fit into Ohio State's football program?

Let's explore how Witten will seamlessly integrate into Ohio State's football program. As a 4-star recruit of immense talent, Damarion Witten is primed to make an immediate impact on the Buckeyes' gridiron battles. With his imposing size, exceptional speed, and unparalleled athleticism, he possesses the potential to become a game-changer at the tight end position. Ohio State's coaching staff, known for their focus on player development, will undoubtedly refine Witten's skills, enabling him to unleash his full potential. Undoubtedly, Witten's commitment represents a resounding victory for Ohio State and will undoubtedly contribute to their perennially successful football program.

What impact could his commitment have on future recruiting efforts?

Furthermore, the reverberations of Witten's commitment extend far beyond the present. The Glenville connection continues its reign of dominance at Ohio State, with Damarion Witten joining the ranks of illustrious Glenville alumni such as Ted Ginn Jr., Marshon Lattimore, Donte Whitner, Troy Smith, Cardale Jones, and the recently-signed 2023 linebacker prodigy Arvell Reese. This legacy serves as a testament to the caliber of athletes emanating from Glenville High School.

Damarion Witten's allegiance to Ohio State has the potential to revolutionize future recruiting efforts for the Buckeyes. As one of the most highly sought-after prospects in the nation, his decision sends a resounding message to other talented recruits: Ohio State stands tall as the premier destination for aspiring football stars. This commitment could prove instrumental in attracting other top-notch recruits to the Buckeyes in the years to come, further fortifying the program's dominance. Additionally, Witten's on-field accomplishments will undoubtedly allure other gifted athletes who aspire to play alongside him, craving the chance to be part of a victorious tradition.

6/25/2023 8:45:07 PM
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Ohio State's 2024 Commit Air Noland Shines at Elite 11 Finals

Ohio State's football program has every reason to rejoice as Air Noland, their 2024 commit, showcased his talents at the prestigious Elite 11 Finals. The young quarterback left no room for doubt as he dominated the competition, leaving fans eagerly anticipating his future with the Buckeyes. Let's delve deeper into Noland's remarkable performance.


Who is Air Noland?

Air Noland is an incredibly promising quarterback prospect who has committed to Ohio State for the class of 2024. Recently, he had the opportunity to participate in the highly esteemed Elite 11 Finals, an event that brings together the crème de la crème of high school quarterbacks nationwide. Noland's impressive showing at this prestigious competition has ignited a wave of excitement among Ohio State fans and college football enthusiasts alike.

What is the Elite 11 Finals?

Now, what exactly is the Elite 11 Finals? It is an annual gathering that pits the finest high school quarterbacks in the country against each other, testing their skills through various drills and challenges. This event serves as a crucial stepping stone for aspiring young quarterbacks aiming to make a name for themselves in the realm of college football. Notable NFL stars like Patrick Mahomes and Deshaun Watson have honed their skills at the Elite 11 Finals, further cementing its significance.

How did Air Noland perform at the Elite 11 Finals?

So, how did Air Noland fare at the Elite 11 Finals? Well, let me tell you, he put on an awe-inspiring display, leaving no doubt about his capabilities. Noland exhibited outstanding accuracy, arm strength, and decision-making abilities, earning the admiration of coaches and scouts alike. With such a stellar performance, Noland has solidified his standing as one of the premier quarterback prospects in the nation.

What are Ohio State fans saying about Air Noland's performance?

Ohio State fans are simply ecstatic about Air Noland's Elite 11 Finals showing. The buzz surrounding his performance is palpable, with many already envisioning him as a future star for the Buckeyes. Some fans are even drawing comparisons to former Ohio State quarterback and current NFL sensation Dwayne Haskins. Needless to say, anticipation for Noland's arrival on campus is reaching a fever pitch, as enthusiasts eagerly await his gridiron debut.

What can we expect from Air Noland in the future?

So, what can we expect from Air Noland in the years to come? Well, based on his remarkable Elite 11 Finals performance, one thing is abundantly clear—he possesses an incredibly bright future. His exceptional skills, including a strong arm and precise throws, coupled with his astute decision-making, have pundits predicting that he will become a standout player for Ohio State and potentially even a future NFL star. Fans are eagerly counting down the days until they can witness Noland's prowess on the field firsthand.

6/16/2023 8:35:09 PM
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Ohio State Women's Basketball Team Boosted by Kentucky Transfer Kennedy Cambridge

Kennedy Cambridge, a standout guard and former player for Kentucky, has decided to transfer to Ohio State. She made the announcement on Wednesday night through her Instagram, and Buckeye fans couldn't be more thrilled about this addition to their team. Let's dive in and learn more about Kennedy Cambridge and what she brings to the table.

Who is Kennedy Cambridge?

Kennedy Cambridge is a talented basketball player who recently made the move from the University of Kentucky to Ohio State. With one season of experience under her belt, she averaged an impressive 5.7 points and 2.8 rebounds per game during her time at Kentucky. Known for her speed, agility, and scoring ability, Cambridge is a versatile player who can make an impact from anywhere on the court.

Ohio State women's basketball is certainly not done bolstering their roster. In addition to Kennedy Cambridge, they've also added former Duke guard and ACC Defensive Player of the Year Celeste Taylor and Michigan State forward Taiyier Parks from the transfer portal. This influx of talent is sure to take the Buckeyes to new heights in the 2023-24 season.

Kennedy Cambridge

What skills does she bring to the Ohio State women's basketball team?

So, what skills does Kennedy Cambridge bring to the Ohio State women's basketball team? Well, her speed and agility make her a formidable force on offense. She has the ability to score from anywhere on the court, and her knack for sinking shots is sure to keep the Buckeyes in the game. Moreover, Cambridge's experience playing at the Division I level will provide valuable leadership to the team.

How did her transfer from Kentucky come about?

Now, let's talk about her transfer from Kentucky to Ohio State. Kennedy Cambridge made this decision primarily because she wanted to be closer to her family in the Midwest. After entering the transfer portal, she received interest from various schools, but the strong culture and the opportunity to compete in the Big Ten conference ultimately drew her to Ohio State. Cambridge is eager to don the Buckeye jersey and make her mark on the court.

What impact is she expected to have on the team's performance?

When it comes to the impact Kennedy Cambridge is expected to have on the team's performance, it's safe to say that she'll be a game-changer. Her experience and talent will undoubtedly raise the level of play for Ohio State. Last season, she played in 25 games for Kentucky and averaged an impressive 5.2 points per game. With her speed, agility, and three-point shooting prowess, Cambridge will be a valuable addition to the Buckeyes' roster.

What are the team's goals for the upcoming season?

Now, let's talk goals. The Ohio State women's basketball team has their sights set high for the upcoming season. They're determined to improve their overall record and make a deep run in the NCAA tournament. With the addition of Kennedy Cambridge and the talent they have on their roster, the Buckeyes are confident that they can compete at the highest level and achieve their goals.

5/26/2023 7:30:10 PM
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Breaking Down Lorenzo Styles Jr.'s Transfer Commitment to Ohio State Football

Ohio State football just landed a major transfer commitment from Lorenzo Styles Jr. Find out what this means for the team's future success in this breakdown.

Football at Ohio State has just landed a significant transfer commitment from Notre Dame wide receiver Lorenzo Styles Jr. Given that Styles Jr. brings a wealth of talent and experience to the Buckeyes, this move is anticipated to have a huge impact on the team's future performance. What this transfer pledge implies for Ohio State football is explained here.

The former Notre Dame WR Styles made his commitment to the Buckeyes official on Saturday. He was one of three transfer hopefuls that were reportedly on campus this weekend for official visits. Along with former Louisiana-Monroe offensive lineman Victor Cutler Jr., he is the sixth transfer overall to join the Buckeyes this offseason.

Lorenzo Styles Jr

Who is Lorenzo Styles Jr. and why is he important?

Lorenzo Styles Jr., a former Notre Dame wide receiver and legacy player for Ohio State, made a transfer commitment to the Buckeyes. Styles has a close relationship with his family. He is the brother of current safety Sonny Styles and the son of former Ohio State linebacker Lorenzo Styles.

Wide receiver Lorenzo Styles Jr., who formerly represented Notre Dame, is very gifted. He was one of the best players in the nation at his position and a four-star recruit. Styles Jr. is a highly skilled and experienced addition to the Ohio State football team, and his presence is anticipated to have a big impact on the club's success moving forward. Styles Jr. is an important player for the Buckeyes and is certain to have an effect on the field thanks to his speed, agility, and capacity for huge plays.

What position does he play and how will he fit into Ohio State's roster?

Lorenzo Styles Jr., a wide receiver for the Fighting Irish, came in second on the team with 30 receptions in 2022. One of his most memorable plays occurred in Ohio Stadium last year when he caught a pass for 54 yards to set up a field goal. Styles announced his departure from South Bend while still transitioning from receiver to defensive back.

Corner Back Lorenzo Styles Jr. will improve Ohio State's already strong defensive group with his addition to the squad. Styles Jr. is a danger to make big plays thanks to his speed and agility, and he will undoubtedly be an important part at Ohio State. His skill set and experience make him a great candidate for a starting position, though he will likely have to compete for playing time. Overall, Styles Jr.'s decision to leave is a big gain for Ohio State football and will undoubtedly help the club in the future.

What are his strengths and weaknesses as a player?

Lorenzo Styles Jr. is known for his speed and agility on the field, making him a threat to make big plays down the field. He also has strong hands and is able to make difficult catches in traffic. However, some scouts have noted that he could improve his route running and overall technique. Despite these areas for improvement, Styles Jr.'s skill set and experience make him a valuable addition to Ohio State's receiving corps.

How does his transfer impact Ohio State's recruiting and overall team dynamic?

Lorenzo Styles Jr.'s commitment last week allowed Ohio State to fill a void at defensive back. The former Notre Dame wide receiver and Buckeye legend is now a part of the Ohio State secondary along with his brother Sonny.

The football team's recruitment efforts are greatly aided by Lorenzo Styles Jr.'s transfer commitment. His knowledge and expertise will strengthen the group's talent and depth, boosting the team's competitiveness in upcoming campaigns. Additionally, his presence on the squad can persuade other elite recruits to think about choosing Ohio State as their college football home. Overall, Styles Jr.'s transfer is a good thing for the future of Ohio State's football team.

5/5/2023 10:30:22 PM
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Ohio State Lands Top Tight End Prospect Max LeBlanc from Chattanooga Baylor School

Ohio State has secured a top prospect for their 2024 football team with the commitment of tight end Max LeBlanc from Chattanooga Baylor School in Tennessee.

Ohio State's football team has just gained a valuable addition to their 2024 roster with the commitment of Max LeBlanc, a talented tight end from Chattanooga Baylor School. LeBlanc's skills on the field have caught the attention of many college recruiters, but he ultimately chose Ohio State for his collegiate career. The commitment comes on the same day as their annual Scarlet and Gray game in Ohio Stadium.


Who is Max LeBlanc?

Max LeBlanc is a highly sought-after 4 star tight end prospect from Chattanooga Baylor School who has committed to play for Ohio State's football team in 2024. 6'3" and 220 lbs., LeBlanc is considered the 13th best at his position in the country and the 6th best prospect in Tennessee. His impressive skills on the field have garnered attention from many college recruiters, but he ultimately chose Ohio State for his collegiate career.

Why is he considered a top prospect?

Due to his impressive football skills, Max LeBlanc is considered a top prospect. Last season, he caught 39 passes for over 690 yards and three touchdowns. He is a valuable asset to any team because he has demonstrated exceptional athleticism, speed, and agility. Additionally, defenders will find him to be a formidable opponent due to his size and strength. LeBlanc's obligation to Ohio State is a significant success for the group and their fans, as they can anticipate extraordinary things from him later on. With two 5 star recruits and eight 4 star recruits, Ohio State's class is now the 2nd best in the country.

What position does he play?

Max LeBlanc is a tight end, a position in which blocking and receiving skills are required simultaneously. Tight ends can block defenders and catch passes because they are typically larger than wide receivers but more agile than offensive linemen. As a tight end, LeBlanc is a promising addition to Ohio State's football team due to his size, strength, and athleticism. His play assisted Baylor with bringing home a state title in 2022.

What other schools were interested in him?

He also had offers from Alabama, Arkansas, Penn State, Miami, Tennessee, and Auburn to name a few.

How will he contribute to Ohio State's football team?

Max LeBlanc, a top tight end prospect, is expected to make a big difference for Ohio State's football team. He has the potential to dominate the field with his size, speed, and athleticism. He will probably be used in both the passing and running game, giving the quarterback a good target and making running lanes for the team's running backs easier to find. Generally speaking, his expansion to the group is a significant success for Ohio State and their fans.

An offensive recruiting Daily Double with LeBlanc & Williams-Dixon

4/15/2023 9:44:03 PM
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New Haven's Mylan Graham Commits to Ohio State for 2024 Season

Ohio State has accepted the talented New Haven receiver Mylan Graham's commitment for the 2024 season. Find out more about this exciting news by reading on!

Ohio State football fans can rejoice because New Haven's outstanding receiver Mylan Graham has committed to the program for the 2024 season. Graham is certain to have an impact on the field for the Buckeyes because of his impressive stats and bright future. Get familiar with this interesting news and how it affects Ohio State football.


Is Mylan Graham real?

New Haven's Mylan Graham, a talented wide receiver, has recently committed to Ohio State for the 2024 season. Graham has been a great player for New Haven High School, where he has impressed both coaches and fans with his speed, agility, and ability to make big plays. Graham has been a standout player there. Graham is set to make a name for himself in college football and take his skills to the next level with his commitment to Ohio State. The 6'1" 170lbs recruit is considered the 8th best receiver in the country and the best prospect in Indiana for 2024.

What position does he play?

Mylan Graham is a talented wide receiver who has established himself on the field thanks to his speed, agility, and capacity for significant plays. He has been a great player for New Haven High School, and as he gets ready to play for Ohio State in the 2024 season, he is ready to take his skills to the next level. Graham is certain to have an impact on the field and continue to awe both coaches and fans with his dedication to the Buckeyes. He joins Jeremiah Smith from Chaminade-Madonna Prep in the 2024 receiver class.

How does he relate to New Haven?

A standout from New Haven High School, Mylan Graham has established himself as a talented wide receiver. He has played a significant role for the New Haven Bulldogs and has contributed to the team's success over the years. Graham is certain to make his hometown proud as he continues to excel on the field, and his commitment to Ohio State is a testament to his dedication to the sport and hard work.

The football program at New Haven Indiana has a long and successful history. In the past eight years, the team has advanced to the state semifinals three times and won two state championships—in 1993 and 1994. Since 2010, Scott Ullery has been in charge of the team's coaching. The team is a part of the Indiana High School Athletic Association and competes in the Northeast 8 Conference. In addition, the New Haven Football program has won four sectional championships in a row and has placed in the top three of their conference each year since 2009.

What drove him to Ohio State?

Mylan Graham may have chosen Ohio State for a variety of reasons, but it is likely that the school's strong football program was a major factor. Ohio State is known for its rigorous training and development programs, and the school has a long history of producing successful football players. Additionally, Graham's decision may have been influenced by Ohio State's excellent education. Graham is clearly excited to join the Buckeyes and make his mark on the field, regardless of the reason. He seems to like the air-raid offensive scheme and Coach Hartline, and is also reassured by the program's history of success and its ability to develop players. It also helps that Columbus is close to home, making it easy for Graham to stay involved with the team.

4/5/2023 5:34:01 PM
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