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Ohio Receives Local Linebacker Tom Eichenberg

Tommy Eichenberg

The Ryan Day era receives its first big BOOM as Tommy Eichenberg commits to the Ohio State University. The four-star St. Ignatius linebacker declared that next fall he in face will head to Columbus for college football and play for the Buckeyes.

Eichenberg's announcement is welcome news after two de-commitments followed the retirement announcement last week of Urban Meyer, Ohio's head coach for the past seven years. the 6'3" 225-pound senior is rated as a four-star prospect by most services, and is ranked as the country's 319th best overall player, as per composite rankings. He is also ranked as the 19th inside linebacker and the 8th best prospect from Ohio.

12/10/2018 1:43:40 PM
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Jaxon Smith-Njigba Brings 4-star Receiving Talents To OSU


Well, it looks like another WR out of the state of Texas is headed to OSU.

Slow Month for Ohio State

The Buckeyes have been fairly quiet lately. After the Zach Smith scandal and Urban Meyer's suspension, it didn't seem like the college had much time to recruit in the month of August. Commits started to slow down with the regular season starting, so OSU was only able to nab Jameson Williams in that time.

Big Recruits

They've broken their recruiting drought in a huge way after grabbing 2019 RB Marcus Crowley as well as 2020 WR Jaxon Smith-Njigba.

That makes Smith-Njigba the seventh member of the 2020 class at OSU, and he's notably the only receiver so far. He'll more than likely get to know OSU's future QB Jack Miller very well over the next year before he formally signs with the team. His commitment should help to keep the Buckeyes in contention for the top 2020 class nationwide even though things are pretty early at this point.

Joins Another Texas Receiver

2019 WR Garrett Wilson should also be a familiar face to Smith-Njigba. They're both from Texas and both seemed to get along pretty well while they were on campus watching OSU edge out a victory 36-31 over Nebraska.

11/9/2018 1:43:10 PM
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Jameson Williams Boosts Buckeyes' Receiver Options


Wide receiver Jameson Williams committed to Ohio State earlier this month. The Class of 2019 star offers plenty of football pedigree to the Buckeyes. Here, we take a look at what the St Louis native offers.

-At six foot two inches tall, and 170 pounds, Williams is rated as a four-star prospect. His placing in the 247Sports composite rankings is an impressive 130. He opted for Ohio state from a list of finalists that also included Oregon, UCLA, Nebraska and Alabama .

-Williams' commitment is the first for Ohio State since Urban Meyer was suspended. Commitments have been thin on the ground for the Buckeyes since then, with a dearth that stretches back to July 27. That was when three-star tight end Cormontae Hamilton pledged his future to Ohio State. Williams committing could kick things off again, with OSU having had a slow 2019 when it comes to recruitment, largely because Meyer was away from the program. The class now has 15 commitments in place, though, with under three months to go until the early signing period in December.

- Williams joins five-star prospect Garrett Wilson as the second receiver to commit to OSU's 2019 class. Williams and Wilson offer different assets to the team. Wilson is the kind of receiver who looks like he could play any of three positions in OSU's offense. Williams, though, is more in the mold of Devin Smith, Johnnie Dixon or Terry McLaurin, in that he looks much more like a typical Z receiver. He also offers some threat to defenses on bubble screens, though, in the manner of Parris Campbell, boosting his versatility.

-Williams is also fast. He has recorded a time of 10.54 second for the 100m, and holds the state record for the 300m hurdles. OSU running back Ezekiel Elliott is a previous holder of that record.

-OSU need to start developing their options when it comes to receivers. Campbell, Dixon, McLaurin and C.J. Saunders are seniors now, and Austin Mack, Ben Victor and K.J. Hill will be eligible to be drafted after this season.

OSU took three receivers from the class of 2018, and look set to boost their ranks with three more this year. Wilson and Williams look good choices to be outside receivers, but there is sense that OSU could use an additional Hback too. Wandale Robinson is one possibility for the role, and the three-star prospect visited Ohio State on October 6.

-Acquiring Williams is a real feather in the cap for new Buckeyes receivers coach Brian Hartline. Williams had 36 catches, 1,062 yards and 15 tds in his junior year at Cardinal-Ritter Prep. He also returned three kicks for touchdowns.

10/24/2018 3:51:23 PM
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Alpha Male Darvon Hubbard Makes A He-Man Commitment


Commitments continue to pour in from the Ohio State class of 2020. And the latest to make the pledge was Darvon Hubbard, a 4-star player with the highest recorded carries on his running back. At the height of six feet and weight of 200 pounds, you would think that the alpha male would be less mobile than most. And you're wrong.

Darvon Hubbard has a rather Ronaldo-like speed and agility on the American football field. Heavy as he is, OSU's sixth commitment for the class defies the laws of physics rivaling an X-Man. No doubt, records will continue to be broken as Darvon Hubbard teams up like a glue with pal, Jack Miller who's a record-breaker in his own right. No wonder David Hubbard has received offers from all the major football schools in the country.

8/2/2018 2:45:26 PM
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Kane Patterson Chooses Ohio State


Kane Patterson chose Ohio State. The linebacker from Christ Presbyterian Academy announced that he would join the Buckeyes. He decided that the Big Ten program was better for him than Tennessee, Alabama and Texas A&M.

Why Ohio State

Patterson said that OSU made his family part of the process right from the start. This played a huge role in his decision to choose OSU over the other colleges. He mentioned how officials from OSU talked and texted him all the time.

He added that his family was also there for him right from the beginning. He went on to say that coach Urban Meyer met his entire family, and this impressed him.

Patterson said he and Meyer developed a relationship. He also developed relationships with Tony Alford, Billy Davis and Mark Pantoni, who is the director of player personnel. He maintained relationships and contact with all of them during the recruiting process.

7/17/2018 3:41:06 PM
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Dwan Mathis Shifts Loyalties To Ohio State


Dwan Mathis Switches from MSU to the Buckeyes

Dwan Mathis, Oak Park native, has made the decision to shift his dedication from Michigan State to Ohio State. It wasn't an easy decision, only made after careful consideration. Mathis is a four star prospect and ranks at 251 in his class. Having committed to MSU in 2017, Mathis, at just under six and a half feet tall and weighing in at 195 pounds has now become the sole quarterback in the new class of OSU.

The Ohio State Visit

Dwan's father, Terence Mathis, explained that the Spartans granted Dwan permission to visit Ohio State, and he, along with his family, made the visit on Friday. Coach Urban Meyer, and his staff, as well as the impressive cast of dual threat quarterbacks their program has produced (J.T. Barrett, Braxton Miller, Terrelle Pryor) provided the strong impetus to help Dwan shift his loyalties. In addition, he also had the chance to visit with another running quarterback new to the Buckeyes, Dwayne Haskins. This past November, Haskins was able to demonstrate his skills when he led Ohio's team to victory over Michigan when he stepped in for Barrett when he was injured.

6/28/2018 3:51:43 PM
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Craig Young Ohio State Enrollment Developments


Breaking News on Craig Young Ohio State Recruitment - Three star player Craig Young signs for Ohio State: How This Affects the Buckeyes

On Friday last week, Ohio State announced a signing from three star player Craig Young. This is how it affects the Buckeyes' recruiting class of 2019.

Hailing from Fort Wayne, IN, Young is the eleventh recruit to Ohio State's 2019 class. He is rated 685 as a player overall by 247Sports, and ninety-two as a receiver. However, these ratings do not tell the whole story, because Young will play defensively in future.

On Tuesday, when he arrived at camp, Young already had an offer, however this was a chance to advance his career and become an athlete that Ohio State would be happy to take. Done and dusted. Young performed impressively during camp, exhibiting explosive power while training at linebacker, defensive end and safety.

6/22/2018 2:49:13 PM
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Cade Stover Finally Commits To Ohio State


Why did Cade Stover Wait

It was shocking to many that it took so long for four-star linebacker Cade Stover to commit to the Buckeyes. Last spring, Ohio State offered a scholarship to Stover that most felt he would take in a matter of a few days. Cade was not in a rush to commit to any school at that time. He said he was enjoying the recruitment process. It took him nearly a year before he committed to Ohio State.

What Finally Sealed the Deal with Stover

Stover said he finally decided on Ohio State because of the family atmosphere. He had over two dozen offers from other schools that include Penn State, Virginia Tech, Oklahoma, Michigan, Notre Dame and Texas. Reportedly, Ohio State had their sites on Stover for quite some time. Along with Cade, there were only a few other sophomores invited to attend the January 2017 Junior Day. The Buckeyes made an offer to Stover several weeks later when he returned to the campus to watch spring practice. Over the next few months, Stover returned to Ohio State to strengthen his relationship with head coach Urban Meyer.

5/4/2018 2:46:40 PM
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Keyshawn Woods Is The Next Andrew Dakich But Better


Andrew Dakich was one of the biggest reasons why OSU did so well during their first season under Chris Holtmann. His leadership skills coupled with his abilities as the backup point guard made the fifth-year senior stand out during his last year of eligibility. Keyshawn Woods represents all of that and even more.

Having committed to the Buckeyes a couple of weeks after attending a spring football game, Woods picked OSU over Louisville and Virginia Tech. Dakich spent only his final year of eligibility with the Buckeyes, and it looks like Woods is going to do the same. He's bringing some very impressive numbers along with him.

When he played his freshman year at Charlotte, Woods averaged 2.3 rebounds and 1.2 assists per game on top of an 8.4 point scoring average. The 182 lbs. The 6-foot 3-inch guard shot 47 percent beyond the arc in the 32 games he played. Despite being a backup, Woods started on three different occasions that year.

5/2/2018 1:32:58 PM
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Noah Potter And Ohio State


Last Monday night would come to a close with a commitment to Ohio from Noah Potter. The 6'5", 250 pound defensive end hails from mentor Ohio and is the number 8 prospect for the 2019 class in Ohio.

This is the fifth commitment that the Buckeyes have received for their 2019 roster. Noah Potter is the first commitment by a defensive lineman. Noah Potter will be joining a former teammate that is also on the team, Ryan Jacoby. Potter's brother, Micah, is already a sophomore at Ohio State and plays for the basketball team.

Potter is a physically large defensive end yet he maintains a high level of athleticism. These combined attributes make him a formidable defensive player. However, the Buckeyes hope to further develop this physic and hope to help him add 20 to 30 pounds as he gets older. The coaches recognize his talents already and aim to help him set that bar even higher. It is believed that Potter will see time in the coming season considering the looming departure for Nick Bosa to the Draft.

4/23/2018 3:40:16 PM
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