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Ohio State Women's Basketball Team Boosted by Kentucky Transfer Kennedy Cambridge

Kennedy Cambridge, a standout guard and former player for Kentucky, has decided to transfer to Ohio State. She made the announcement on Wednesday night through her Instagram, and Buckeye fans couldn't be more thrilled about this addition to their team. Let's dive in and learn more about Kennedy Cambridge and what she brings to the table.

Who is Kennedy Cambridge?

Kennedy Cambridge is a talented basketball player who recently made the move from the University of Kentucky to Ohio State. With one season of experience under her belt, she averaged an impressive 5.7 points and 2.8 rebounds per game during her time at Kentucky. Known for her speed, agility, and scoring ability, Cambridge is a versatile player who can make an impact from anywhere on the court.

Ohio State women's basketball is certainly not done bolstering their roster. In addition to Kennedy Cambridge, they've also added former Duke guard and ACC Defensive Player of the Year Celeste Taylor and Michigan State forward Taiyier Parks from the transfer portal. This influx of talent is sure to take the Buckeyes to new heights in the 2023-24 season.

Kennedy Cambridge

What skills does she bring to the Ohio State women's basketball team?

So, what skills does Kennedy Cambridge bring to the Ohio State women's basketball team? Well, her speed and agility make her a formidable force on offense. She has the ability to score from anywhere on the court, and her knack for sinking shots is sure to keep the Buckeyes in the game. Moreover, Cambridge's experience playing at the Division I level will provide valuable leadership to the team.

How did her transfer from Kentucky come about?

Now, let's talk about her transfer from Kentucky to Ohio State. Kennedy Cambridge made this decision primarily because she wanted to be closer to her family in the Midwest. After entering the transfer portal, she received interest from various schools, but the strong culture and the opportunity to compete in the Big Ten conference ultimately drew her to Ohio State. Cambridge is eager to don the Buckeye jersey and make her mark on the court.

What impact is she expected to have on the team's performance?

When it comes to the impact Kennedy Cambridge is expected to have on the team's performance, it's safe to say that she'll be a game-changer. Her experience and talent will undoubtedly raise the level of play for Ohio State. Last season, she played in 25 games for Kentucky and averaged an impressive 5.2 points per game. With her speed, agility, and three-point shooting prowess, Cambridge will be a valuable addition to the Buckeyes' roster.

What are the team's goals for the upcoming season?

Now, let's talk goals. The Ohio State women's basketball team has their sights set high for the upcoming season. They're determined to improve their overall record and make a deep run in the NCAA tournament. With the addition of Kennedy Cambridge and the talent they have on their roster, the Buckeyes are confident that they can compete at the highest level and achieve their goals.

5/26/2023 7:30:10 PM
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Breaking Down Lorenzo Styles Jr.'s Transfer Commitment to Ohio State Football

Ohio State football just landed a major transfer commitment from Lorenzo Styles Jr. Find out what this means for the team's future success in this breakdown.

Football at Ohio State has just landed a significant transfer commitment from Notre Dame wide receiver Lorenzo Styles Jr. Given that Styles Jr. brings a wealth of talent and experience to the Buckeyes, this move is anticipated to have a huge impact on the team's future performance. What this transfer pledge implies for Ohio State football is explained here.

The former Notre Dame WR Styles made his commitment to the Buckeyes official on Saturday. He was one of three transfer hopefuls that were reportedly on campus this weekend for official visits. Along with former Louisiana-Monroe offensive lineman Victor Cutler Jr., he is the sixth transfer overall to join the Buckeyes this offseason.

Lorenzo Styles Jr

Who is Lorenzo Styles Jr. and why is he important?

Lorenzo Styles Jr., a former Notre Dame wide receiver and legacy player for Ohio State, made a transfer commitment to the Buckeyes. Styles has a close relationship with his family. He is the brother of current safety Sonny Styles and the son of former Ohio State linebacker Lorenzo Styles.

Wide receiver Lorenzo Styles Jr., who formerly represented Notre Dame, is very gifted. He was one of the best players in the nation at his position and a four-star recruit. Styles Jr. is a highly skilled and experienced addition to the Ohio State football team, and his presence is anticipated to have a big impact on the club's success moving forward. Styles Jr. is an important player for the Buckeyes and is certain to have an effect on the field thanks to his speed, agility, and capacity for huge plays.

What position does he play and how will he fit into Ohio State's roster?

Lorenzo Styles Jr., a wide receiver for the Fighting Irish, came in second on the team with 30 receptions in 2022. One of his most memorable plays occurred in Ohio Stadium last year when he caught a pass for 54 yards to set up a field goal. Styles announced his departure from South Bend while still transitioning from receiver to defensive back.

Corner Back Lorenzo Styles Jr. will improve Ohio State's already strong defensive group with his addition to the squad. Styles Jr. is a danger to make big plays thanks to his speed and agility, and he will undoubtedly be an important part at Ohio State. His skill set and experience make him a great candidate for a starting position, though he will likely have to compete for playing time. Overall, Styles Jr.'s decision to leave is a big gain for Ohio State football and will undoubtedly help the club in the future.

What are his strengths and weaknesses as a player?

Lorenzo Styles Jr. is known for his speed and agility on the field, making him a threat to make big plays down the field. He also has strong hands and is able to make difficult catches in traffic. However, some scouts have noted that he could improve his route running and overall technique. Despite these areas for improvement, Styles Jr.'s skill set and experience make him a valuable addition to Ohio State's receiving corps.

How does his transfer impact Ohio State's recruiting and overall team dynamic?

Lorenzo Styles Jr.'s commitment last week allowed Ohio State to fill a void at defensive back. The former Notre Dame wide receiver and Buckeye legend is now a part of the Ohio State secondary along with his brother Sonny.

The football team's recruitment efforts are greatly aided by Lorenzo Styles Jr.'s transfer commitment. His knowledge and expertise will strengthen the group's talent and depth, boosting the team's competitiveness in upcoming campaigns. Additionally, his presence on the squad can persuade other elite recruits to think about choosing Ohio State as their college football home. Overall, Styles Jr.'s transfer is a good thing for the future of Ohio State's football team.

5/5/2023 10:30:22 PM
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Ohio State Lands Top Tight End Prospect Max LeBlanc from Chattanooga Baylor School

Ohio State has secured a top prospect for their 2024 football team with the commitment of tight end Max LeBlanc from Chattanooga Baylor School in Tennessee.

Ohio State's football team has just gained a valuable addition to their 2024 roster with the commitment of Max LeBlanc, a talented tight end from Chattanooga Baylor School. LeBlanc's skills on the field have caught the attention of many college recruiters, but he ultimately chose Ohio State for his collegiate career. The commitment comes on the same day as their annual Scarlet and Gray game in Ohio Stadium.


Who is Max LeBlanc?

Max LeBlanc is a highly sought-after 4 star tight end prospect from Chattanooga Baylor School who has committed to play for Ohio State's football team in 2024. 6'3" and 220 lbs., LeBlanc is considered the 13th best at his position in the country and the 6th best prospect in Tennessee. His impressive skills on the field have garnered attention from many college recruiters, but he ultimately chose Ohio State for his collegiate career.

Why is he considered a top prospect?

Due to his impressive football skills, Max LeBlanc is considered a top prospect. Last season, he caught 39 passes for over 690 yards and three touchdowns. He is a valuable asset to any team because he has demonstrated exceptional athleticism, speed, and agility. Additionally, defenders will find him to be a formidable opponent due to his size and strength. LeBlanc's obligation to Ohio State is a significant success for the group and their fans, as they can anticipate extraordinary things from him later on. With two 5 star recruits and eight 4 star recruits, Ohio State's class is now the 2nd best in the country.

What position does he play?

Max LeBlanc is a tight end, a position in which blocking and receiving skills are required simultaneously. Tight ends can block defenders and catch passes because they are typically larger than wide receivers but more agile than offensive linemen. As a tight end, LeBlanc is a promising addition to Ohio State's football team due to his size, strength, and athleticism. His play assisted Baylor with bringing home a state title in 2022.

What other schools were interested in him?

He also had offers from Alabama, Arkansas, Penn State, Miami, Tennessee, and Auburn to name a few.

How will he contribute to Ohio State's football team?

Max LeBlanc, a top tight end prospect, is expected to make a big difference for Ohio State's football team. He has the potential to dominate the field with his size, speed, and athleticism. He will probably be used in both the passing and running game, giving the quarterback a good target and making running lanes for the team's running backs easier to find. Generally speaking, his expansion to the group is a significant success for Ohio State and their fans.

An offensive recruiting Daily Double with LeBlanc & Williams-Dixon

4/15/2023 9:44:03 PM
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New Haven's Mylan Graham Commits to Ohio State for 2024 Season

Ohio State has accepted the talented New Haven receiver Mylan Graham's commitment for the 2024 season. Find out more about this exciting news by reading on!

Ohio State football fans can rejoice because New Haven's outstanding receiver Mylan Graham has committed to the program for the 2024 season. Graham is certain to have an impact on the field for the Buckeyes because of his impressive stats and bright future. Get familiar with this interesting news and how it affects Ohio State football.


Is Mylan Graham real?

New Haven's Mylan Graham, a talented wide receiver, has recently committed to Ohio State for the 2024 season. Graham has been a great player for New Haven High School, where he has impressed both coaches and fans with his speed, agility, and ability to make big plays. Graham has been a standout player there. Graham is set to make a name for himself in college football and take his skills to the next level with his commitment to Ohio State. The 6'1" 170lbs recruit is considered the 8th best receiver in the country and the best prospect in Indiana for 2024.

What position does he play?

Mylan Graham is a talented wide receiver who has established himself on the field thanks to his speed, agility, and capacity for significant plays. He has been a great player for New Haven High School, and as he gets ready to play for Ohio State in the 2024 season, he is ready to take his skills to the next level. Graham is certain to have an impact on the field and continue to awe both coaches and fans with his dedication to the Buckeyes. He joins Jeremiah Smith from Chaminade-Madonna Prep in the 2024 receiver class.

How does he relate to New Haven?

A standout from New Haven High School, Mylan Graham has established himself as a talented wide receiver. He has played a significant role for the New Haven Bulldogs and has contributed to the team's success over the years. Graham is certain to make his hometown proud as he continues to excel on the field, and his commitment to Ohio State is a testament to his dedication to the sport and hard work.

The football program at New Haven Indiana has a long and successful history. In the past eight years, the team has advanced to the state semifinals three times and won two state championships—in 1993 and 1994. Since 2010, Scott Ullery has been in charge of the team's coaching. The team is a part of the Indiana High School Athletic Association and competes in the Northeast 8 Conference. In addition, the New Haven Football program has won four sectional championships in a row and has placed in the top three of their conference each year since 2009.

What drove him to Ohio State?

Mylan Graham may have chosen Ohio State for a variety of reasons, but it is likely that the school's strong football program was a major factor. Ohio State is known for its rigorous training and development programs, and the school has a long history of producing successful football players. Additionally, Graham's decision may have been influenced by Ohio State's excellent education. Graham is clearly excited to join the Buckeyes and make his mark on the field, regardless of the reason. He seems to like the air-raid offensive scheme and Coach Hartline, and is also reassured by the program's history of success and its ability to develop players. It also helps that Columbus is close to home, making it easy for Graham to stay involved with the team.

4/5/2023 5:34:01 PM
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Ohio State Welcomes Illinois Wide Receiver Nolan Baudo as Preferred Walk-On

Ohio State Football has added another talented player to their roster with the signing of Illinois wide receiver Nolan Baudo as a preferred walk-on. Learn more about what he brings to the team!

The Ohio State Football team has gained another asset to their roster as Illinois wide receiver Nolan Baudo will join the Buckeyes on a preferred walk-on basis. As a talented athlete, Baudo's addition brings not only size but skill to the team and is sure to add an extra boost of energy to the squad.

Nolan Baudo

Who is Nolan Baudo?

Nolan Baudo is a wide receiver from Illinois who joins the Ohio State Football team as a preferred walk-on. From the same school as incoming wide receiver Carnell Tate, Marist High School in Chicago Illinois. Last year, Baudo had two touchdowns on 313 yards from 29 catches.

What football skills does he bring to Ohio State?

Ohio State Football is getting an excellent addition with the signing of wide receiver Nolan Baudo. He's a big, smart player who has had plenty of success in his career and brings impressive skills to the table. His size will be an asset for sure, as will his knowledge of different defensive schemes and playing styles from past opponents. He can use his athleticism to beat out defenders, especially on deep routes and jump balls. In addition, Baudo is aware of how to efficiently use his body when making cuts or running routes in order to maximize space. All of these qualities make him an invaluable asset to the team!

Why did he choose the Buckeyes as his college destination?

As a preferred walk-on, Baudo had the unique opportunity to choose which college football powerhouse he wanted to join. In choosing Ohio State, he saw an opportunity and a challenge in playing for such a renowned program with an established culture of success. He stated that "I'm extremely excited to be given this opportunity by Coach Day and the rest of the coaching staff at The Ohio State University. It’s an honor to be a part of such a prestigious program, and I can't wait to help the team win." With his vast experience and skill set, there's no doubt that Baudo can help propel the Buckeyes even further on their hunt for championships!

Nolan Baudos already knows what his role will look like at Ohio State, and is prepared to contribute in any way that helps the team best. Building on his relationships with offensive coordinator Hartline and tight ends coach Keenan Bailey, Baudo earned his place on Ohio States football roster as the favorite to walk-on, joining Tate in the wide receiver room for Ohio State football - a goal he had written down on a board two years earlier.

3/3/2023 10:50:11 PM
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Big Walnut's Garrett Stover Joins Buckeyes Roster for 2024

Garrett Stover (twitter) of Big Walnut, Ohio made a huge announcement he's been dreaming of! He has officially committed to join the Ohio State Buckeyes roster next year. Rated the 37th best athlete in the country and the 9th best overall recruit in Ohio for 2024, Stover joins a developing Ohio State 2024 class.

Big Walnut, Ohio native Garrett Stover has officially committed to join the Ohio State Buckeyes roster. The 6'2" 195 lbs. athlete was recruited by defensive coordinator Jim Knowles and Corner backs coach Perry Eliano for Ohio State. He received over 15 scholarship offers from schools such as Notre Dame, Michigan State, Minnesota, and Northwestern.


Here's a look at his journey so far and what to expect in the future.

Garrett Stover has been making huge strides in the football world since he first entered high school, leading to him receiving an offer from The Ohio State University and deciding to join the team for 2024. His drive and love of the game has made waves across Big Walnut and beyond as fans celebrate his big announcement. So what can we expect from Garrett for next season? With lots of hard work, strategy, and skill, Big Walnut fans will surely be looking out for all of Garrett's achievements over the upcoming months. The In-state athlete is the cousin of current Buckeye tight-end Cade Stover, and thus the strong connection to the program.

Garrett Stover’s Career so Far.

Garrett Stover a junior at Big Walnut High School, has a remarkable athletic career. Stover's athleticism and defensive back skills drew the attention of Ohio State's coaching staff. A 4.45-second 40-yard dash is an impressive time for a football player, and a broad jump of 10 feet, 1 inch indicates good explosiveness and power. Agility is also a crucial skill for a defensive back, so if Stover showcased those abilities in drills, it's no surprise that Ohio State was interested in recruiting him. With all that said, it was no surprise when decision day came and Garrett finally announced he would be joining his beloved Buckeyes for 2024!

Jim Knowles has told Garrett Stover that he could play at either safety or linebacker, suggesting that the coaching staff sees him as a versatile player with the potential to excel at multiple positions on the defensive side of the ball. This is not uncommon in college football, as coaches often recruit players who have the athleticism and skillset to play multiple positions. Being able to play at either safety or linebacker would give Stover more options for getting on the field and contributing to the team, which could increase his chances of seeing playing time early in his college career.

Ultimately, it will be up to the Ohio State coaching staff to determine where Stover fits best and how to best utilize his talents. But having the ability to play at multiple positions is a valuable asset for any player, and it speaks to Stover's potential as a football player.

2/18/2023 6:07:52 PM
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Ohio State Lands Highly-Touted Ole Miss Cornerback Davison Igbinosun

The Ohio State Football program gets a big boost with the addition of Ole Miss's highly-touted cornerback Davison Igbinosun transferring to OSU this season. Get the details here! This is the second big transfer portal pickup for the Buckeyes after landing safety JaHad Carter earlier this month.


Ohio State Football is adding a talented player just before the start of the 2023 season. Davison Igbinosun (twitter), a highly-touted cornerback from Ole Miss, announced that he is transferring to OSU for this upcoming year. Get the latest details about Igbinosun's transfer to Ohio State here! Ohio State did improve last season on defense but a couple games at the end of the year showed that they still need help in the defensive backfield.

Who is Davison Igbinosun?

Davison Igbinosun is an incredibly talented cornerback from Ole Miss. Prior to transferring to Ohio State, he competed with the Rebels for one season and was named an All-American in 2022. He also earned honors as AP SEC Player of the Week during that year, tallying up 36 tackles over four games between Auburn and Texas Tech. He was considered the 10th best recruit available in the portal prior to selecting the Buckeyes.

What was Ol Miss’s reaction to his transfer to Ohio State?

Due to NCAA transfer rules, Igbinosun did not have to seek permission from Ole Miss prior to joining the Buckeyes. However, Rebels’ Head Football Coach Lane Kiffin was supportive of his decision, and acknowledged that he had hoped Igbinosun would remain with the team for his senior year. Nonetheless, Kiffin expressed great confidence in Igbinosun’s ability to play at a high level no matter where he ended up playing college football.

How will Igbinosun improve the Buckeyes’ defense?

Igbinosun is regarded as one of the best cornerbacks in college football. He’s a crafty and exceptional cover corner who has the speed to keep up with top receivers, plus the awareness and physicality to force turnovers. Igbinosun brings a wealth of experience to the Buckeyes defensive backfield, which looks poised to take advantage of his skill set as they continue their pursuit for a seventh national championship. The addition of Igbinosun should also provide much-needed depth at cornerback, making Ohio State's defense even more formidable this season.

What are Igbinosun's expectations for his first year at Ohio State?

Davison Igbinosun is extremely excited to join the Buckeyes and contribute to their championship expectations. He’s confident that he can “come in and make an immediate impact,” with his diligent work ethic and natural ability. Igbinosun also expects to help stress better fundamentals into the defense while learning from his veteran teammates. With his enthusiasm and undeniable talent, it's easy to see why he expects himself to make a big splash in Columbus.

1/31/2023 8:55:51 PM
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Small Forward Scotty Middleton a Force at Sunrise Christian in Wichita, KS

Scotty Middleton (twitter) is a 6'7" small forward at Sunrise Christian Academy in Wichita, Kansas. He is considered one of the top players in the class of 2023 and had garnered interest from top college programs around the country before signing with the Ohio State Buckeyes. Get to know more about Scotty Middleton and find out what makes him such an unstoppable force.


Sunrise Christian basketball's Scotty Middleton is an unstoppable force on the court. Coming from Wichita, KS, get to know the small forward that leads in scoring, rebounding and assists. He is a highly skilled player with excellent athleticism and a high basketball IQ. He is an excellent playmaker and can score the ball at all three levels. He has a great understanding of the game and can create for teammates with his passing ability. Middleton is also an excellent rebounder and defender.

Middleton was a highly sought after recruit and had received offers from Ohio State, Connecticut, Seton Hall, DePaul, and many more. He also saw interest from some of the top college programs in the country, including Kentucky and Duke. Middleton is a key part of the Sunrise Christian Academy team and has helped lead them to success in their recent seasons. He is a key contributor and could be a major factor in OSU’s success going forward.

Who is Scotty Middleton?

Scotty Middleton is a small forward from Wichita, KS and a star player for Sunrise Christian basketball. He's a rising senior who stands 6'7" and is constantly pushing the boundaries of what it means to be an explosive ball-player. His leadership on the court is unmatched with his dedication, hustle and determination setting him apart from many others. Get to know more about Scotty Middleton and see why his drive has made him one of the best in Wichita!

What Are His Season Stats?

In the 2020-2021 season, Scotty Middleton's stats were off the charts. He led his team in scoring with 26.4 PPG and also led in rebounding 13.2 RPG, assists 8 APG and blocks 1.8 BPG. These impressive stats truly show off why he is a star player on the court for Sunrise Christian basketball.

What Did He Do Well in the 2019-20 Campaign?

During the 2019-20 season, Middleton had a few standout performances. He led his team to wins in seven of their last eight games and averaging 24.9 PPG and 8.1 RPG during that stretch. He also knocked down some clutch shots throughout the season, leading to victories for Sunrise Christian in tight games.

How Has He Impacted Sunrise Christian's Basketball Program?

Ever since Middleton joined Sunrise Christian's basketball program, he has been an incredible asset. With his hard work and determination, he has pushed the team to become even better as a unit. He is a leader on the court and encourages his teammates to always give it their all. He has been a major contributor to Sunrise Christian's success this season, providing key scoring and rebounding when needed most.

How Has He Managed to Shine on the Court Despite All the Injury Struggles?

At only 6'7", Middleton is an undersized small forward, but that hasn't stopped him from making a big impact on the court. He has managed to remain productive and effective despite his injury woes and has been able to stay healthy for most of the season. All of his hard work in practice has paid off as evidenced by his impressive stats each game. His dedication and resilience are one of the main reasons why Sunrise Christian have achieved so much this season.

1/15/2023 2:51:50 PM
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Meet Ohio State Football Player Joshua Mickens For 2023


Get ready for Joshua Mickens (twitter)! This top-rated defensive Edge from Ohio State is already making waves in the college football scene. Don't miss out on this rising star for 2023!

Joshua Mickens is a defensive Edge from Indianapolis who is already making waves in the college football scene. He'll be joining Ohio State as part of their 2023 recruiting class, and fans are already eagerly anticipating his arrival. Get ready for an electric player that is sure to make a huge impact on the field!

Mickens, previously committed to LSU, was set to make his college selection at the All-American Bowl All-Star Game. But the stand-out 4 star Indiana recruit decided to sign with OSU the day the rest of the 2023 class did at the end of the early signing period.Ohio State has 7 players in the All-American Bowl this year on January 7th showing how good this class is for them.

Who is Joshua Mickens?

Joshua Mickens is an up-and-coming defensive Edge from the state of Ohio who is already turning heads. Coming from a successful high school career, he joins the Ohio State Family as part of their 2023 recruiting class. He loves football, and loves winning even more. With his strong work ethic and dedication to the game, he'll be sure to make an impact on the field in years to come!

What are Ohio State's expectations for Mickens in 2023?

As an Ohio State football player, Mickens is expected to strive for nothing less than excellence both on and off the field. He is expected to apply his hard work, dedication, and passion for the game of football to succeed at Ohio State. His coaches and teammates believe that he can make an immediate difference - if not now then in the future - if he applies his knowledge, skill and competitive nature to any challenge presented to him.

How has his high school football career prepared him for college football?

Joshua Mickens has an impressive, accomplished high school football career that has prepared him for the challenge of college football. He was captain of his varsity team, a first-team All-State selection and was even named Defensive Player of the Year in his area. His success as a leader and performer have given him the confidence, determination and drive necessary to make an impact on Ohio State's defense from day one.Over the past two years he has secured over 152 tackles in 22 games.

What challenges faces Mickens going into the 2023 season?

Joshua Mickens will face new challenges at the collegiate level that he did not experience in high school. With a whole new level of competition, he will have to adjust his play-style and approach to the game in order to make an impact. He may also run into various administrative and other logistical hurdles on the way to success as college football is quite different from high school football. He stated that playing for line coach Larry Johnson was something that drew him to the Buckeye program.He understands Johnson’s ability to developed great line players and put them into the NFL.

1/6/2023 9:17:02 PM
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Ohio State 2023 Safety Jayden Bonsu From Hillside NJ

Jayden Bonsu

Jayden Bonsu is a 2023 Safety, 6'2" 210lbs., from St. Peters Prep HS Hillside, NJ. He committed to the Ohio State Buckeyes on 8-14-2022 after waiting an extra week to make his commitment. At his press conference to announce his decision he said Ohio State was the best fit for him.

St Peter’s Preparatory School

St. Peter’s Preparatory School, (SPPS) an all-boys college preparatory school in Jersey City, New Jersey, prepares young men to become leaders in the global community through a unique approach to education emphasizing intellectual growth, spiritual formation and service for others. It became a co-educational institution beginning fall 2020.

The 3 Star recruit is considered the 24th best national safety and the 4th best in the state of NJ overall.

Jayden Bonsu Crystal Bowl Predictions

Bonsu was projected to be an Ohio State lean by Steve Wiltfong (247 Sports) on August 4th. David Lake, Gaby Urrutia, Sean Scherer, Justin Thind, Bill Kurelic, and Brian Dohn also projected Ohio State the week of August 4th.

Why Ohio State Football

Bonsu was recruited by corners coach Perry Eliano and head coach Ryan Day. The two coaches made him feel at home which led to his selection of the Buckeyes. He also felt Ohio State runs a similar scheme to his high school, making the transition easy. The city of Columbus was also a selling point for the recruit when he visited in June.

Bonsu visited Ohio State on June 17th, Miami of Florida on June 3rd, and Michigan State on June 10th. Available stats include 62 tackles made as a junior in 2021, with 2 interceptions, 2 forced fumbles, 2.5 sacks and 7.5 tackles for loss.

Bonsu follows linebacker Cody Simon from St. Peter's Prep to Ohio State. He liked the winning tradition at Ohio State and their consistent playoff runs.

10/26/2022 7:59:40 PM
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