Did Favre Trade Hurt Tampa?

Did Favre Trade Hurt Tampa?
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Did The Favre Trade Hurt Tampa?

Everyone knows that there were two teams in the Favre sweepstakes Tampa Bay and the New York Jets. The Jets won out and the Buccaneers immediately claimed that they weren’t really interested. Bucs GM Bruce Allen said that talks never got serious.

Why Deny?

    The Buccaneers have to deny their interest in Favre for a couple of reasons. First, they must try to insulate their team from this media circus and keep them focused on the task at hand, especially Jeff Garcia who would have lost his job if the trade went through.

    Secondly, they have to convince their fans that they didn’t mess up by missing out on Favre. By claiming that they weren’t all that interested they may convince a fan or two that the team will be alright with the players that they have.

How Will Garcia Respond?

    It will be interesting to watch Jeff Garcia this year. He will be compared to Brett Favre every week by diehard fans.  He can either use it as motivation or fold under the pressure. I’m willing to bet that Garcia will step up to the challenge and deliver another stellar season.

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