LeCharles Bentley wants to Start

LeCharles Bentley wants to Start
LeCharles Bentley

LeCharles Bentley wants to Start

The Browns released recovering offensive center LeCharles Bentley this week upon the request of the ex-Buckeye who wants a starting position on a NFL roster instead of competing for a spot. Bentley has been battling a knee injury for two years including a staff infection and was just declared fit to play.

By Steve Patterson 

The Injury

            LeCharles Bentley grew up in the Northeastern part of Ohio and joining the Browns in 2006 as a free agent was a dream come true. Being an alumnus of St. Ignatius High School in the Cleveland area, the two time Pro Bowler felt great about coming back home to play for a childhood favorite. But on the first play of training camp, Bentley injured his patellar tendon leading to a two year recovery that lasted until just before his release from the Browns.

The Staff Infection

            Bentley but all accounts worked hard during the two years that he spent on the bench in Cleveland. He almost lost his leg due to a staff infection that he contracted during his stay at the Cleveland Clinic for the knee operation. But the injection led to a longer than expected recovery period that wasn’t complete until two weeks ago when he passed a physical with the team.

The Money and Release

            The Browns in the meantime, while Bentley recovered, have built a pretty decent offensive line through free agency. The feeling among many close to the program is that the team felt Bentley wasn’t any better than the starters and possibly the backups that the team now has in camp. Bentley had originally signed a 6 year $36 million contract and would have been an unrestricted free agent at the end of 2008. But the Browns didn’t want to wait another year and Bentley didn’t want to compete for a starting position.

            We wish the best of luck to Bentley as he awaits a new contract in a new town. And best of luck as he attempts to return to a level of play in a sport that he has not played in two seasons.

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