Adam Jones Reinstated

Adam Jones Reinstated
Adam Jones

Adam Jones Reinstated

The Cowboys placed a bet that the NFL would allow Adam ‘Pacman’ Jones to play this year when they picked him up from Tennessee. This week the time and money invested looked to pay off as Roger Goodell reinstated the troubled cornerback.

Changed Man

            Jones sounded like he has made a complete 180 from his prior stint in the NFL when he was arrested six times over a two year period after coming out of West Virginia in the first round of 2005. His plan to stay out of trouble involves surrounding himself with the right people, staying out of strip clubs, having a relationship with God, and spending time with his family. I’m not sure that the Cowboys roster is full of the right kind of people, but maybe he believes he will do what he has stated.

Spots to Fill

            Dallas has a spot open for Jones in their first game against Cleveland and there has been injuries in the punt and kick return team and he has done a nice job returning kicks during the preseason. Look for Jones to also be used on passing downs as a nickel or extra defender until he fully grasps the defensive plays of the Cowboys.

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