Brian Bobek - Palatine, IL

Brian Bobek - Palatine, IL

Brian Bobek Palatine Ohio State 2011

Brian Bobek - Palatine, IL

When it comes to recruiting for the OSU 2011 season, Brian Bobek has already caught the eye of recruiters. His hometown is in Palatine, IL, and he currently weighs in at 278 pounds at 6'2". He plays the junior offensive center, and he has already made a verbal commitment to the coaches at OSU.

By Mark Ramos

Experts say that Bobek has a bright future ahead of him due to his athleticism and strength, especially since he began as a starter center this past fall for his high school. Currently, his team is undefeated, and he is having a profitable season with strong grades to get him through. OSU can look forward to all that he has to offer, especially as offensive lineman who has been offered a football scholarship.

OSU fans can anticipate his arrival in 2011 due to the verbal commitment, which is quite prestigious to have received an offer this early on from such a reputable and impressive football team. Bobek himself has expressed his excitement, especially since he is already a fan of Ohio State. Bobek felt that he was given an offer that was too good to resist, and it was also something completely unexpected to have been approached this early by OSU.

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