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Small Forward Scotty Middleton a Force at Sunrise Christian in Wichita, KS

Scotty Middleton (twitter) is a 6'7" small forward at Sunrise Christian Academy in Wichita, Kansas. He is considered one of the top players in the class of 2023 and had garnered interest from top college programs around the country before signing with the Ohio State Buckeyes. Get to know more about Scotty Middleton and find out what makes him such an unstoppable force.


Sunrise Christian basketball's Scotty Middleton is an unstoppable force on the court. Coming from Wichita, KS, get to know the small forward that leads in scoring, rebounding and assists. He is a highly skilled player with excellent athleticism and a high basketball IQ. He is an excellent playmaker and can score the ball at all three levels. He has a great understanding of the game and can create for teammates with his passing ability. Middleton is also an excellent rebounder and defender.

Middleton was a highly sought after recruit and had received offers from Ohio State, Connecticut, Seton Hall, DePaul, and many more. He also saw interest from some of the top college programs in the country, including Kentucky and Duke. Middleton is a key part of the Sunrise Christian Academy team and has helped lead them to success in their recent seasons. He is a key contributor and could be a major factor in OSU’s success going forward.

Who is Scotty Middleton?

Scotty Middleton is a small forward from Wichita, KS and a star player for Sunrise Christian basketball. He's a rising senior who stands 6'7" and is constantly pushing the boundaries of what it means to be an explosive ball-player. His leadership on the court is unmatched with his dedication, hustle and determination setting him apart from many others. Get to know more about Scotty Middleton and see why his drive has made him one of the best in Wichita!

What Are His Season Stats?

In the 2020-2021 season, Scotty Middleton's stats were off the charts. He led his team in scoring with 26.4 PPG and also led in rebounding 13.2 RPG, assists 8 APG and blocks 1.8 BPG. These impressive stats truly show off why he is a star player on the court for Sunrise Christian basketball.

What Did He Do Well in the 2019-20 Campaign?

During the 2019-20 season, Middleton had a few standout performances. He led his team to wins in seven of their last eight games and averaging 24.9 PPG and 8.1 RPG during that stretch. He also knocked down some clutch shots throughout the season, leading to victories for Sunrise Christian in tight games.

How Has He Impacted Sunrise Christian's Basketball Program?

Ever since Middleton joined Sunrise Christian's basketball program, he has been an incredible asset. With his hard work and determination, he has pushed the team to become even better as a unit. He is a leader on the court and encourages his teammates to always give it their all. He has been a major contributor to Sunrise Christian's success this season, providing key scoring and rebounding when needed most.

How Has He Managed to Shine on the Court Despite All the Injury Struggles?

At only 6'7", Middleton is an undersized small forward, but that hasn't stopped him from making a big impact on the court. He has managed to remain productive and effective despite his injury woes and has been able to stay healthy for most of the season. All of his hard work in practice has paid off as evidenced by his impressive stats each game. His dedication and resilience are one of the main reasons why Sunrise Christian have achieved so much this season.

1/15/2023 2:51:50 PM
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Meet Ohio State Football Player Joshua Mickens For 2023


Get ready for Joshua Mickens (twitter)! This top-rated defensive Edge from Ohio State is already making waves in the college football scene. Don't miss out on this rising star for 2023!

Joshua Mickens is a defensive Edge from Indianapolis who is already making waves in the college football scene. He'll be joining Ohio State as part of their 2023 recruiting class, and fans are already eagerly anticipating his arrival. Get ready for an electric player that is sure to make a huge impact on the field!

Mickens, previously committed to LSU, was set to make his college selection at the All-American Bowl All-Star Game. But the stand-out 4 star Indiana recruit decided to sign with OSU the day the rest of the 2023 class did at the end of the early signing period.Ohio State has 7 players in the All-American Bowl this year on January 7th showing how good this class is for them.

Who is Joshua Mickens?

Joshua Mickens is an up-and-coming defensive Edge from the state of Ohio who is already turning heads. Coming from a successful high school career, he joins the Ohio State Family as part of their 2023 recruiting class. He loves football, and loves winning even more. With his strong work ethic and dedication to the game, he'll be sure to make an impact on the field in years to come!

What are Ohio State's expectations for Mickens in 2023?

As an Ohio State football player, Mickens is expected to strive for nothing less than excellence both on and off the field. He is expected to apply his hard work, dedication, and passion for the game of football to succeed at Ohio State. His coaches and teammates believe that he can make an immediate difference - if not now then in the future - if he applies his knowledge, skill and competitive nature to any challenge presented to him.

How has his high school football career prepared him for college football?

Joshua Mickens has an impressive, accomplished high school football career that has prepared him for the challenge of college football. He was captain of his varsity team, a first-team All-State selection and was even named Defensive Player of the Year in his area. His success as a leader and performer have given him the confidence, determination and drive necessary to make an impact on Ohio State's defense from day one.Over the past two years he has secured over 152 tackles in 22 games.

What challenges faces Mickens going into the 2023 season?

Joshua Mickens will face new challenges at the collegiate level that he did not experience in high school. With a whole new level of competition, he will have to adjust his play-style and approach to the game in order to make an impact. He may also run into various administrative and other logistical hurdles on the way to success as college football is quite different from high school football. He stated that playing for line coach Larry Johnson was something that drew him to the Buckeye program.He understands Johnson’s ability to developed great line players and put them into the NFL.

1/6/2023 9:17:02 PM
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Ohio State 2023 Safety Jayden Bonsu From Hillside NJ

Jayden Bonsu

Jayden Bonsu is a 2023 Safety, 6'2" 210lbs., from St. Peters Prep HS Hillside, NJ. He committed to the Ohio State Buckeyes on 8-14-2022 after waiting an extra week to make his commitment. At his press conference to announce his decision he said Ohio State was the best fit for him.

St Peter’s Preparatory School

St. Peter’s Preparatory School, (SPPS) an all-boys college preparatory school in Jersey City, New Jersey, prepares young men to become leaders in the global community through a unique approach to education emphasizing intellectual growth, spiritual formation and service for others. It became a co-educational institution beginning fall 2020.

The 3 Star recruit is considered the 24th best national safety and the 4th best in the state of NJ overall.

Jayden Bonsu Crystal Bowl Predictions

Bonsu was projected to be an Ohio State lean by Steve Wiltfong (247 Sports) on August 4th. David Lake, Gaby Urrutia, Sean Scherer, Justin Thind, Bill Kurelic, and Brian Dohn also projected Ohio State the week of August 4th.

Why Ohio State Football

Bonsu was recruited by corners coach Perry Eliano and head coach Ryan Day. The two coaches made him feel at home which led to his selection of the Buckeyes. He also felt Ohio State runs a similar scheme to his high school, making the transition easy. The city of Columbus was also a selling point for the recruit when he visited in June.

Bonsu visited Ohio State on June 17th, Miami of Florida on June 3rd, and Michigan State on June 10th. Available stats include 62 tackles made as a junior in 2021, with 2 interceptions, 2 forced fumbles, 2.5 sacks and 7.5 tackles for loss.

Bonsu follows linebacker Cody Simon from St. Peter's Prep to Ohio State. He liked the winning tradition at Ohio State and their consistent playoff runs.

10/26/2022 7:59:40 PM
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Calvin Simpson-Hunt Corner Back 2023

Calvin Simpson-Hunt

The end of June brought a new addition to the Ohio State 2023 class in cornerback Calvin Simpson-Hunt. Simpson-Hunt, 6'0" 175 lbs., attends Waxahachie Texas High School. He flipped from Texas Tech to Ohio State after taking official visits to both in mid-June.

Who Recruited Simpson-Hunt

Tim Walton & Perry Eliano recruited Simpson-Hunt for Ohio State, Holmon Wiggins & Travaris Robinson for Alabama, Joey McGuire for Texas Tech, Bryan Applewhite for Nebraska, Mike Mickens for Notre Dame, Jay Valai for Oklahoma, and Alex Grinch for USC. Walton and Eliano were able to pull Simpson-Hunt out of his home stay by showing him everything that the Buckeyes had to offer.

Offers and Favorites

Simpson-Hunt had 26 Offers including Ohio State, USC, TCU, Alabama, and Texas Tech. He decommitted from Texas Tech on 6-30-2022, the same day he committed to the Ohio State Buckeyes.

Simpson-Hunt Visits

Simpson-Hunt took an official visit on June 17th Ohio State and Texas Tech on June 24th. He wanted to flip to OSU when his visit ended in Columbus but was asked to wait until after the Texas Tech visit by their coaching staff.

Simpson-Hunt Ranking

Simpson-Hunt is a 4 Star corner back for the class of 2023. Considered the 18th best Cornerback in the nation. Has a lot of raw athletic ability that many schools were interested in having on their roster.

Simpson-Hunt Crystal Ball Predictions

Steve Wiltfong felt it would be Ohio State on 6-28-2022, Bill Kurelic went with Ohio State on 6-30-2022, while Cole Patterson, Kyle Kelly, Nick Harris, and Ben Golan all felt it was Ohio State on 6-30-2022 too.

Bowl Invitations

Simpson-Hunt has been added to the Polynesian Bowl Roster.

7/22/2022 8:15:47 PM
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Kayin Lee Cedar Grove Cornerback for 2023


Athletic and speedy, Kayin Lee (twitter) has the ability to shut down his opponents. Has great ball skills and can make plays in the air or on the ground. As a native of Cedar Grove High School outside of Atlanta, Kayin Lee is revered for his inspirational work ethic. A fierce competitor on the field, he has also been known to motivate those around him through his charitable outreach and generous heart. This tattoo embodies Lee’s fighting spirit and is the perfect representation of his attitude towards life. His new tattoo is a mountain range and the words "Only the Strong Survive".

Who's Recruiting Kayin Lee

Sean Beckton and Travis Fisher are recruiting Lee for Nebraska, Tim Walton is the primary recruiter for Ohio State, Demetrice Martin for Oregon, Dell McGee for Georgia and Jimmy Smith and Dominique Bowman are recruiting Lee for Arkansas.

Offers and Favorites

Cedar Grove CB Kayin Lee (2023) has 30 offers from schools across the country, including Nebraska, Ohio State and Oregon. The 5-foot-11 180-pounder is rated four stars overall, by 247Sports.

Official Visits

Lee visited/is visiting Nebraska on June 3rd, Ohio State on June 24th, and Oregon on June 17th.

National Ranking

Cornerback Kayin Lee is a highly touted recruit. Rated 87th best overall and the 9th best cornerback in the country, he could be the difference for any program looking for an impact player on that side of the ball.

Lee Crystal Ball Predictions

Steve Wiltfong, Rusty Mansell, and Bill Kurelic all feel Ohio State leads for Lee. Kipp Adams, Trent Smallwood, Blayne Gilmer and Ben Bachmann liked Georgia in September of 2021.

Bowl Invitations

Lee is on the roster for the All American Bowl! The Cedar Grove High School cornerback has been selected as one of the top players in the country following his performance in 2022.

6/17/2022 3:18:57 PM
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OL Austin Siereveld From Lakota East Ohio

Austin Siereveld

Austin Siereveld (twitter) is an offensive Line recruit for 2023 from Lakota East Ohio. He is a 4 star recruit, 6'5" 315 lbs., and the 20th best offensive lineman in the country. Also the 7th best overall prospect in the State of Ohio for the year.

Siereveld's top schools included Ohio State, Alabama, Cincinnati, and Notre Dame. He had 17 offers total. He committed to Ohio State May 4th 2022 shortly after their Spring Game.

Austin Siereveld Crystal Ball

Crystal Ball Predictions were all for Ohio State including Allen Trieu, Justin Thind, Steve Wiltfong, Tom Loy, and Bill Kurelic.

Justin Frye recruited Siereveld for the Buckeyes. Siereveld originally seemed like a lock for OSU but the change in offensive line coach to Frye put that into question. Yet after a couple of visits to Columbus, the Buckeyes were able to secure his pledge.

Siereveld visited Alabama on November 20th and March 26th of 2022. Cincinnati on January 30th. And Ohio State five times including March 21st and April 16th 2022.

Austin Siereveld on the Field

Siereveld played tackle in high school but could play guard or center in college. He is a very big and intimidating offensive lineman. He moves well for his size, has great hands and footwork, and has quickness that most human beings lack. Austin's biggest strength is his blocking. He uses his size to overpower other players and gets the job done.

5/21/2022 7:59:00 PM
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West Virginia Shooting Guard Sean McNeil

West Virginia Sean McNeil

Sean McNeill (twitter) was a guard for the West Virginia Mountaineers of the NCAA Division I men's basketball team. McNeil, a former Cooper High School standout guard, has spent three seasons with the West Virginia Mountaineers under head coach Bob Huggins. He was born on August 17, 1998, in Union, Kentucky, and measures 6'3 inches tall and weighs 205 pounds. Because of his recent decision to finish his NCAA basketball career with the Ohio State Buckeyes, this 23-year-old basketball player is making the rounds in the NCAA circuit. Sean McNeil of West Virginia is a terrific basketball player, but who exactly is he? Let's have a look.

West Virginia Sean McNeil

Sean McNeil played for the West Virginia Mountaineers for three seasons, with his finest season coming in 20-21, when he averaged 12.2 points per game and shot 37 percent from behind the three-point arc. McNeill's rookie season at WVU is also worth noting, as the gifted athlete averaged 5.5 points per game while playing in 28 games.

McNeil Coming out of High School

247Sports ranked him as the 24th best overall prospect in the country, the 11th best shooting guard prospect in the country, and the first best overall prospect in Kentucky during the 2019 recruiting cycle. His performance was also given an overall score of 0.8628 out of a possible 1.

Prior to his time at West Virginia, McNeil was a decorated and accomplished basketball player, earning National Junior College Athletic Association (NJCAA) Division II First Team All-America accolades and being awarded the Ohio Community College Athletic Conference (OCCAC) Player and Freshman of the Year. He was racking up points and dropping bucket after bucket, scoring more than 30 points a game 15 times and more than 40 points per game six times.

McNeil Visits Ohio State

Sean McNeill visited Ohio State on a weekend visit after three seasons with the West Virginia Mountaineers, which convinced him to join the Buckeyes and play for one season. McNeil chose Ohio State over Cincinnati, Louisville, Indiana, Texas Tech, and Virginia, among other schools. McNeil enrolled in the NCAA transfer portal on March 28, committing to the Ohio State Buckeyes following three seasons with the West Virginia Mountaineers.

McNeil Added to the Ohio State Roster

Sean McNeil, who has been added to the Ohio State Buckeyes' roster, is looking forward to proving himself and exceeding expectations in his final season of eligibility. During McNeil's three-year career with the West Virginia Mountaineers, the Union, KY native scored 900 points in 89 games. Sean McNeil was a key component in the Mountaineers earning a 3-seed in the NCAA Tournament in 2021.

4/27/2022 10:21:41 AM
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Malik Hartford Class on 2023 Safety


The 6'3'' 175 lbs. West Chester, Ohio Lakota West football prospect is spending March of 2022 visiting some of the colleges that have offered him a scholarship for 2023. Malik Hartford recently visited Ohio State and Cincinnati and plans to see Michigan State this coming week. He is ranked as a 4 Star, the 11th best Safety in the country, and the 4th best overall in Ohio.

Who's Recruiting Malik Hartford

Colin Hitschler is recruiting Hartford for Cincinnati, Jeff Myers for Iowa State, Vince Marrow for Kentucky, Matt MacPherson for Northwestern, and Perry Eliano for Ohio State. Tweet of Hartford dancing with Eliano can he found here.

Offers and Favorites

Hartford has 23 scholarship offers including Cincinnati, Iowa State, Kentucky, Louisville, Michigan State, and Vanderbilt. Ohio State and Cincinnati are his favorites at this time.

Malik Hartford College Visits

Hartford went to Kentucky on 9/11/21, Louisville on 9/26/21 , Cincinnati on 9-12-21 and 9-4-21 and March 5th, 2022, Vanderbilt on 9/25/21, Ohio State on March 10th, 2022, and Michigan State on 1/29/22 and March 15th 2022.

Crystal Ball Predictions

Bill Kurelic has Hartford going to Ohio State with medium certainty.

3/12/2022 4:15:02 PM
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Cedrick Hawkins Safety 2023


Cedrick Hawkins committed to play for Ohio State in 2023 on January 1st 2022 during the half-time break of the Rose Bowl. Out of Titusville Cocoa Florida High School. At 6'0" 175 lbs. Hawkins is considered a four star prospect, 20th best safety in the country, and the 40th best recruit from Florida. Follows Sonny Styles as a top safety for 2023 going to the Buckeyes. Of course Styles reclassified to 2022 and will be on campus a year earlier than 2023 recruits.

Who's Recruiting Cedrick Hawkins

Tony Alford recruited Hawkins for Ohio State, Chris Marve and Marcus Woodson for Florida State, Darlin Hinshaw Kentucky, JaJuan Seider for Penn State, Chad Scott for West Virginia, Kevin Smith for Mississippi, and Cam Aiken for South Florida.

Offers and Favorites

He has 21 scholarship offers including Penn State, Florida, and Florida State.

Cedrick Hawkins Visits

Hawkins visited September 18th to Florida, July 25th to Florida State, and June 5th and June 9th he was at the Florida State Seminoles camp. Made a trip to Ohio State in June of 2022 with a number of other Florida players.

Crystal Ball Predictions

Sam Spiegelman predicted Hawkins would select Ohio State on 1-1-2022.

2/4/2022 8:49:17 PM
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Safety Tanner McCalister transfers to Ohio State

Safety Tanner McCalister

Ohio State has a new safety for the 2022 season. Former Oklahoma State safety Tanner McCalister announced on Wednesday he'll transfer to Ohio State and play for the Buckeyes, marking the second player out of the transfer portal to make the Buckeyes his destination.

After being granted his release from Oklahoma State, former 'Pokes safety Tanner McCalister will transfer to Ohio State. An Texas native, McCalister is a former three star prospect that played in 24 games over four seasons (2018-2021) at OSU.

McCalister will have one year of eligibility remaining when he joins the Buckeyes in 2022. He was a 3 star member of the Cowboys' 2018 recruiting class, ranked as the No. 57 safety in the country according to's composite rankings.

Defensive Coordinator Jim Knowles

Now in his first day on the job, Jim Knowles continued to add depth to Ohio State's defensive with the addition of safety Tanner McCalister, who played for Knowles at Oklahoma State. Literally coming from the heart of Longhorn country, McCalister will bring a wealth of knowledge of recent OSU football after starting each of the last two seasons for Knowles' defense.

Tanner McCallister as a Recruit

Tanner McCalister was a three-star prospect, the country's 57th ranked cornerback and 618th overall player in the 2018 recruiting class, per the 247Sports Composite, out of Rockwall-Heath High School in Rockwall, Texas. He picked Oklahoma State over offers from Arkansas, Illinois, Indiana, Mississippi State, Missouri, Washington State and others.

1/7/2022 3:19:40 PM
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