Is Texas Ready For Jordan Hicks?

Is Texas Ready For Jordan Hicks?

Jordan Hicks_Texas

Is Texas Ready For Jordan Hicks?

It is almost decision-making time for Jordan Hicks, and he most recently met with Will Muschamp of the Texas Longhorns this previous Saturday. It seems that he is a prime choice for the Texas defense, but to enroll early, he will have to make a decision as quickly as possible. The spring semester commences January 19, so it is definitely crunch time if he is ready to become a Longhorn.

By Chuggin McCoffee

One other potential sway to the vote in favor of Texas is that Hicks' mother previously worked with the Texas coach Jeff Madden, linking her to the team and possibly biasing the decision. Hicks is a skilled outside linebacker at 6'2" and 210 pounds, and he is seen as one of the more promising linebacker recruits this season. The only thing to take into consideration is how well Hicks will be able to adjust to the Texas team, but coupled with the potential for playing early, it may be a decision that he is willing to make. Most recently, Hicks was able to play in the Under Armour All-American game side-by-side with other future Texas players like Mike Davis, Taylor Bible, Aaron Benson, and Adrian White. As for the final Texas decision, only time will tell!

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