Rams Look to Rebound with a Healthy Pace

Rams Look to Rebound with a Healthy Pace
Orlando Pace

Rams Look to Rebound with a Healthy Pace

Last year the St. Louis Rams were a popular pick to make the playoffs. Steven Jackson was talking about 2500 yards from scrimmage and the fans were excited for the season. Early season ending injuries to offensive linemen, including Orlando Pace, decimated the team.

Pace-less Rams Lacked Punch

    The injuries across the board hurt the team, but Pace’s loss was the most noticeable. Pace is an excellent pass protector and a great run blocker. With Orlando Marc Bulger did not have time in the pocket and Steven Jackson’s production dropped off. The once potent offense suddenly had trouble scoring.

When the Rams lost Orlando They Lost More Than a Player

    Orlando is not just a great player for the Rams, he is veteran leader. His healthy return is a good sign for the team, it should lead to a healthier offense and more wins this year. Rams fans should expect a better season with Pace back at LT.

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