Going to see the Asterisk

Going to see the Asterisk
Barry Bonds

Going to see the Asterisk 

How wouldn’t want to see the Asterisk? Barry Bonds hits the most home runs in MLB history, the ball is sold at auction and the new owner brands the ball with an asterisk after he holds an Internet poll of what to do. This could be the best piece of memorabilia in the Hall of Fame.

Cooperstown Get’s it for Free

    There was some confusion on Tuesday over if and when Cooperstown would get the famous ball from designer Marc Ecko who wanted to loan the ball to the Hall of Fame instead of donating it. Cooperstown doesn’t take things on loan, so Ecko changed his mind and gave away the ball that he paid $752,467 a little under a year ago for. Of course since he purchased the ball, he added a little flair. A nice five pronged asterisk where Major League Baseball is printed on the ball.

Not a Big Baseball Fan           

    Now I’m not a big baseball fan so maybe going to Cooperstown doesn’t mean the same to me that it might mean to a true fan of the game. But from a general sports fan’s perspective, The Asterisk is the most interesting piece in the Hall for all newcomers to see. So irreverent, disrespectful, and seedy, like a sex scene in a classic movie, something you just have to see.

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