Buckeyes Take Over the Combine: From Horseshoe Heroes to Pro Prospects

Buckeyes Take Over the Combine: From Horseshoe Heroes to Pro Prospects

The 2024 NFL Combine is buzzing, and guess who's turning heads? That's right, our Ohio State Buckeyes! These former college stars traded their familiar scarlet and gray uniforms for workout gear, ready to impress NFL teams in Indianapolis. Let's catch up with some of them!


Josh Proctor: Battling Back and Shining Bright

Safety Josh Proctor is a true inspiration. He's faced more challenges than a six-pack of Cedar Point roller coasters! Six years at Ohio State meant six different defensive coordinators, talk about a whirlwind! But tough times often build strong athletes. Even battling a broken leg in 2021 and getting benched early last season couldn't stop him. Now, Josh is standing tall in Indy, ready to show everyone what he's made of. "This has been a dream of mine forever," he says. "It's been a tough road, but I'm at the combine, and I'm prepared to prove myself."

Marvin Harrison Jr.: Carrying on the Legacy

Tomorrow's media darling? None other than Marvin Harrison Jr. Yep, the same name that echoes through the halls of Lucas Oil Stadium. His father, Marvin Sr., carved out a Hall of Fame career with the Colts. Now, Junior's here, measuring up at 6-foot-3¼, weighing 209 pounds, with arms that could launch a football to the moon (okay, maybe not the moon, but you get the drift). Marvin won't sweat it out in workouts—his pedigree speaks for itself.

Michael Hall Jr.: The Hamstring Saga

Michael Hall Jr., the man with a tweaked hamstring, won't be strutting his stuff at the combine. But fear not!
Mike Hall did not experience a hamstring issue while playing for Ohio State. He suffered the recent hamstring injury preparing for the 2024 NFL Combine in February of 2024. The minor injury is preventing him from participating in drills, but he is looking forward to participating at Ohio State's Pro Day on March 20, 2024.

The Combine Scoop

Eight Buckeyes made the cut for the combine:

1. Marvin Harrison Jr. (WR)
2. Miyan Williams (RB)
3. Cade Stover (TE)
4. Matthew Jones (OL)
5. Michael Hall Jr. (DT)
6. Steele Chambers (LB)
7. Tommy Eichenberg (LB)

All these Buckeyes are in Indy, chasing their dreams with fire in their eyes. They can still hear the roar of the Horseshoe fans and feel the love from Buckeye Nation all the way across the country. So, next time you're enjoying a delicious buckeye cookie, give it a little cheer for our boys. They're out there rewriting their own stories, one impressive run at a time. Go Bucks!

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