Top Ten Defensive Tackle Tywone Malone from Oradell New Jersey

Top Ten Defensive Tackle Tywone Malone from Oradell New Jersey


Tywone Malone is a 2021 four star Defensive Tackle from Oradell Bergen Catholic in New Jersey and a top prospect with over 29 schools pursuing him for the incoming football classes. He is considered the 7th best d-tackle in the country and the 118th best overall recruit in the class. According to some services that monitor a prospects interest like 247 Sports, Malone favors Ohio State, Rutgers, Ole Miss, and Texas A&M.

DT Tywone Malone From Bergen Catholic

Malone also plays baseball in high school and wants to continuing playing both sports in college. He plays third and first base in addition to pitching for the Bergen Crusaders.

Malone has the body of an interior defensive lineman (6’4” and 300lbs.) who is strong in the middle of the line and able to stop a run play by getting to the ball quickly. While at the same time being quick enough to get down the line of scrimmage in pursuit of a ball carrier. He uses his strength to dominate players at the high school level. This past season he worked on his pass rush and feels he has greatly improved.

Tywone Malone Offers

Online he has only stated that his list is down to 14 schools including USC, Alabama, Georgia, Michigan, Florida, Virginia Tech, Penn State, LSU, Florida State, Tennessee and the four mentioned above.

Recruiting Malone for Ohio State is defensive line coach Larry Johnson who is known for developing NFL players. Chris Patridge is working on Malone for Ole Miss and promising him he can play two sports. Jim Panagos is representing the rebounding and exciting Rutgers team for Malone’s services and Texas A&M has top recruiter Elijah Robinson as their main man of this great New Jersey football and baseball talent.

He is projected to finally pick Ohio State as his 2021 destination but things could change prior to signing day.

Tywone Malone Visits

Of these schools, Tywone Malone unofficially visited Virginia Tech Hokies on February 9, 2019, he visited the Penn State Nittany Lions on July 27, 2019, and unofficially visited the Texas A&M Aggies on October 5, 2019.

Visits have been limited for Malone due to the coronavirus pandemic and NCAA restrictions of visits. He plans on making some trips once the limitations are lifted. He was recently asked to play in the 2021 Under Armour All-American bowl game.

Tywone Malone Ultimate Highlights // 2021 4⭐️ DT Bergen Catholic

Ohio State and Tywone Malone

The schools that favor Tywone Malone pursue the commitment of this defensive tackle are led by Ohio State who make great efforts to stay with Malone, the biggest attraction that the Buckeyes represent for the player is his coach Larry Johnson for the history he has of players in development for the NFL, in addition to this Malone has great connections with this school, however Malone is considered the best pure defensive tackle in the Buckeyes interest list.

For now, Tywone Malone does not plan to make a commitment to any school, he will just go with the flow and spend time improving the aspects of the game that are most beneficial to him.

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