Top Ten Defensive Tackle Tywone Malone from Oradell New Jersey

Top Ten Defensive Tackle Tywone Malone from Oradell New Jersey


A large number of American football players each year participate in college games with one goal in mind, to become NFL players. This important North American organization has taken on the responsibility of offering these players the opportunity to showcase their talents and reach the highest level of the game.

The NFL in conjunction with the National Collegiate Athletic Association provides all of them with the information and opportunities they need to succeed on the field and allows them to become eligible while working to achieve their goals.

The main vision of these programs is to prepare them for a life with football or yes, by emphasizing the importance of obtaining a college degree that will serve them well in life. This is because most of these students will never play in the NFL and those who do will leave before the age of 30.

DT Tywone Malone From Bergen Catholic

One of the players of the moment that presents these characteristics is Tywone Malone, tall, corpulent, of those players with inattentive conditions to play the inner defensive line, with strength in the points of attack.

A very consistent tackler at 285 pounds and 6 feet to inches tall, he is a high-effort player who has offers from 31 schools, including Alabama, East Carolina and many more.

Tywone Malone Offers

Florida, Florida State, Georgia, Kent State, LSU, Massachusetts, Michigan, Mississippi, Ohio State, Penn State, Rutgers, Tennessee, Texas A&M, USC, Virginia Tech, Arizona State, Arkansas, Boston College, Duke, Georgia Tech, Miami (Fl), Nebraska, Notre Dame, Oklahoma, Pittsburgh, Syracuse, Virginia, West Virginia, Wisconsin have all offered scholarships.

Among them LSU, Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Miami, Michigan, Notre Dame, Penn State, Ohio State, Texas A&M, USC, and Virginia Tech are on this top favorites list.

Tywone Malone Visits

Of these schools, Tywone Malone unofficially visited Virginia Tech Hokies on February 9, 2019, he visited the Penn State Nittany Lions on July 27, 2019, and unofficially visited the Texas A&M Aggies on October 5, 2019.

Tywone Malone has had a hard time making as many visits as he would like before making a commitment as he is also dedicated to Baseball, his other sport.

Among the coaches that have been recruiting Tywone Malone we can highlight:

Larry Johnson for Ohio State
Chris Partridge for Ole Miss
Jim Panagos by Rutgers
Elijah Robinson for Texas A&M
Kyle Flood and Freddy Roach for Alabama
Odell Haggins for Florida State

Tywone Malone Ultimate Highlights // 2021 4⭐️ DT Bergen Catholic

Ohio State and Tywone Malone

The schools that favor Tywone Malone pursue the commitment of this defensive tackle are led by Ohio State who make great efforts to stay with Malone, the biggest attraction that the Buckeyes represent for the player is his coach Larry Johnson for the history he has of players in development for the NFL, in addition to this Malone has great connections with this school, however Malone is considered the best pure defensive tackle in the Buckeyes interest list.

Other schools that seek to favor him are Rutgers, and Malone is looking forward to advancing his programs.

Texas A&M, through its coach Elijah Robinson, has contacted Tywone, who sees the opportunity to play baseball at Texas A&M as an attraction.

On the other hand, Ole Miss has proposed that he can play soccer and baseball with them if his signature is signed, since Tywone Malone is a priority for them.

For now, Tywone Malone does not plan to make a commitment to any school, he will just go with the flow and spend time improving the aspects of the game that are most beneficial to him.

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