Raekwon McMillan Chooses Ohio State

Raekwon McMillan Chooses Ohio State

Raekwon McMillan Chooses Ohio State

Urban Meyer has built his coaching reputation around the fact that he is one of the best deal-makers when it comes to recruiting star football players.  The head coach of Ohio State University, late on Monday, December 16, 2013, included a great candidate to his recruiting lineup by selecting Raekwon McMillan. Raekwon McMillan played football in Hinesville, Georgia during high school in Liberty County.  Raekwon McMillan selected the Ohio Buckeyes during an event held at the school he just finished attending

Raekwon McMillan mentioned that he thought there was something exceptional about the people at Ohio State University.  He further mentioned that on all his visits to Ohio State and with regard to all his talks with Coach Meyer a natural bond was established.

The linebacker is an impressive six foot and two inches in height.  He is two hundred and forty one pounds.  Raekwon McMillan selected the Buckeyes despite an impressive grouping of school finalists including:  Auburn, Clemson, Alabama, and Georgia.  The athlete came in at Number eighteen for Ohio in way of recruitment classification.  Ohio State started the day with a recruitment classification of number seven.
Raekwon McMillan indicated he liked the people of Ohio State, their traditions, the excellent nature of the school.  He mentioned that each time he paid a visit to the campus he was favorably impressed.  He thought the environment was the best he had ever experienced during his lifetime.

The choice of the Buckeyes by the athlete on Monday came as not much of a surprise to many fans. Matters became more inflexible; especially when Alabama made a run late in the day; in way of recruiting activities.  Clemson stayed on board.  The latter school had remained steady after recruiting the linebacker and star athlete two years running. 

With regard to the preceding, the athlete made the comment that he did not want to say anything negative about the other colleges:  he thought they were all great.  He indicated he could have chosen either one---that is if he had not selected the Buckeyes.

The Buckeyes were and remained the leading team for the talented linebacker; however as matters proceeded well into the Season the athlete did not vocalize his thought as freely.  Regardless, Ohio State remained in the linebacker's thoughts; and Ohio State Coach Meyer was able to successfully visit the athlete in his home the night before selection.  In doing so, the Buckeyes team was able to gain a commitment from the five-star athlete.

The linebacker considered Alabama as having superb facilities:  some of the best world-wide.  He suggested that where Alabama was favorably strong in one area; it possessed weaknesses in other areas.  The Georgia athlete indicated that he believed Ohio State was the perfect fit for him.  He also indicated he did not think that the Ohio State team possessed any weak points:  a thought which moved him to select the Buckeyes as his team of choice.

Raekwon McMillan was queried about what the Buckeyes was receiving with his pledge.  The athlete kept matters brief and to the point indicating that they were getting a guy who wants to play for the Buckeyes.
Raekwon McMillan is ranked as the number 19 overall prospect in the country.  (Source:  Rivals.com). He is considered as the leading linebacker candidate in the nation and also top prospective athlete---without regard to position---within the state of Georgia.  The preceding distinctions apply to the 2014 recruiting season.  The athlete is scheduled to take part in the Under Armor All American Game.  The game is played during the early part of January and prior to Raekwon McMillan beginning classes at the Buckeye's campus on the 6th of January, 2014.

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