Jamarco Jones And Ohio State Recruiting

Jamarco Jones And Ohio State Recruiting

Jamarco Jones And Ohio State Recruiting

In a year when Ohio State recruiting has done an excellent job re-filling their cupboard of talented prospects, there may be yet another crown jewel to add to the arsenal.  Jamarco Jones, one of the highest-rated offensive line players, coming from Chicago Illinois, announced that the Ohio State Buckeyes were still in his "final four", competing against Michigan, Michigan State, and Notre Dame for his services.  Jones, a 6'5 285 offensive lineman, is considered a four-star prospect and would be an excellent addition to any division one NCAA football squad.  His decision to play for a Big Ten team (which one, we are not sure yet) indicates a desire to stay closer to home, having played for De La Salle high school in Illinois.

It has been a productive year for Ohio State recruiting.  Under head coach Urban Meyer, the Buckeyes have pulled in the number two recruiting class nationwide, beaten out by only the University of Alabama, who landed six five-star prospects but fewer four-star prospects than OSU.  Notable additions to the Ohio State recruiting class include back Dontre Wilson, considered to be a player capable of any situation, receiver James Clark, and safety Vonn Bell.  Many of the new players coming in through the Ohio State pipeline are from Ohio themselves, signifying that the football squad remains the top choice for high school players in the state, beating out recruiting rivals like the University of Cincinnati or Ohio University.  Jamarco Jones may be the finishing touch, since Meyer considers offensive line to be a hole in the plans going forward.

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