Donovan Munger Goes To Ohio State

Donovan Munger Goes To Ohio State
Donovan Munger Ohio State

Donovan Munger Goes To Ohio State

Most observers had assumed that any decisions taken  at the weekend at the Columbus campus at Ohio State would be provided by Mike Mitchell or Gareon Conley. Conley had previously expressed his interest in moving from Michigan to Ohio State, and sure enough, over the weekend this was finalized. However, the 4 star defensive tackler Donovan Munger has also stated his intent of joining the Buckeyes, beating out his other possibilities which included Notre Dame, Michigan State and Louisville. All in all, this was a successful weekend for the board at Ohio State.

Some observers also pointed out that Munger may well be still considering UCLA, as he was noticeably absent at the weekend on the Ohio campus. Probably Munger made the visit before or later, or had already decided that he was going to make the commitment. Regardless, his presence, along with Billy Price and Michael Hill, adds depth and talent to the new class.

There is no doubt that most Ohio State fans will welcome Donovan Munger as the latest addition to the Ohio State team, and this was a big weekend for the fans. However, it was also a pretty big weekend for Stan Drayton, the person largely responsible for recruiting Munger, although his other colleagues on the staff should also be allowed to give themselves a well deserved pat on the back.

2013 Donovan Munger–Shaker Heights Jr Year
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