Marc Loving And His Ohio State Commit

Marc Loving And His Ohio State Commit

Marc Loving

Marc Loving And His Ohio State Commit

St.John's Jesuit class superstar Marc Loving finally accepted Ohio State University's sports scholarship. Individuals close to him have been predicting that this was bound to happen. Now it's out in the open. So what's next, the entire neighborhood is abuzz; maybe a major  sponsorship deal with one of the big shots in the sportswear industry.

In accepting the offer, Marc Loving becomes the first of his class to make the Ohio State commit, an alliance that will continue to further the career of the newly minted basketball scholar. Getting this type of scholarship is certainly one of the rites of passage of any aspiring athlete straight from school.

It was the reigning coach of the Buckeyes who handed the scholarship to the extremely tall and talented dude who wowed everyone with his impressive recent finish with the Titans varsity.

No one was a bit surprised with the offer. Everybody seems to know that the rising star deserved to be knighted. After all, his colleagues, classmates, friends and family already know Marc's big secret. It's his fantastic work ethic.

The unanimous verdict is that the Marc Loving will become a huge success if  he continues to play his cards well with the Ohio State commit. A Titans varsity ex coach attests to Marc's excellent basketball play IQ and along with it goes the equally strong conviction that the Ohio State commit can only sharpen the varsity player's edge. Every startup superstar needs a strong wall to lean on and Marc Loving has found it in the university.

No wonder Marc Loving  made one of the smartest and swiftest move of his budding career. In accepting the scholarship, a lot of self-fulfilling prophecies are bound to happen. Loving's mom, Angela, notes that the Ohio State commit was the young man's own decision, although he did consult his family extensively about it.

2013 OSU commit Marc Loving
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