Liam McCullough Is a Rare Scholarship Long Snapper

Liam McCullough Is a Rare Scholarship Long Snapper

Liam McCullough

Liam McCullough has finally pledged allegiance to the Buckeyes, making him number six in the team's 2015 recruiting class.

McCullough, from Worthington Kibourne, is one of the only two players to ever get an OSU scholarship to continue long-snapping. Coach Urban Meyer granted McCullough the scholarship months ago, and it's only now that McCullough has made his decision; picking OSU over Kentucky, Wisconsin and Michigan state.

Some of the reasons McCullough gave for picking OSU over the other attractive options include the "phenomenal" education OSU provides and the Ohio Stadium atmosphere that is rated one of the best in the country. He said that for the Buckeyes, the players and coaches are like one tightly-knit family.

According to Liam, the Ohio State football team is the best since there is no discrimination against players who come from far; every player is looked up to as a Buckeye.

Before joining his parents to meet coach Meyer, McCullough had participated in the Ohio State University summer specialists camp. After the meeting, McCullough had a quick chat with his parents while on their way out, then he walked back into the room and told Kerry Coombs, the special teams coordinator and coach Meyer that he had picked Ohio State.

McCullough said that he took his time because he wanted to make a decisive decision with no regrets - he wanted a school that offered quality education so that if the football was taken away, he would remain with something; he is planning on joining the pre-med program at OSU and study neurobiology and brain surgery later on.

The player has proven to be a resourceful football specialist, having been picked several times as a starter for Kilbourne during his freshman year, and earning respect nationally through the Rubio camps.

McCullough says that once he was ranked number two in the country, the recruiting process began from there.

Liam McCullough - Rising Junior Highlight Video
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