Ohio State recruits - the 2015 OL Josh Wariboko talks

Ohio State recruits - the 2015 OL Josh Wariboko talks

Josh Wariboko

Let's hear what the star prospect said about the recent offer from Ohio State

Josh Wariboko is a four-star linesman who already had a good ideal that Ohio State was about to offer him a great opportunity. Josh Wariboko (Oklahoma City/ Casady School) was about to be offered a scholarship, but he had no idea when.

It appears that Chris Ash (the coach) popped into the school a couple of weeks ago to tell him about the proposal. Ash called again the Monday after to confirm the offer.Josh Wariboko has been offered numerous scholarships in college football.

Coaches from Clemson, Florida State, Florida, USC, UCLA, A&M, Texas, Arkansas and Louisville are just a few who are trying to add Josh to their team and Josh Wariboko is interested to learn more about the Buckeyes. Josh said he was trying to gather all information regarding the program and the school to see where he stood. He feels that Ohio State are the northern powerhouse and they have offered him a massive opportunity.

Josh Wariboko was committed to Oklahoma for all but a year before deciding to move on, however, he is taking the recruiting process one step at a time. Josh is thinking about the teams he would like to visit during the summer months, but he hasn't made any firm plans. Josh Wariboko thinks it's time to sit down with his family and talk about the schools which are trying to sign him up. Josh is aware that he wants to attend a school with a great community and an academic program that allows him to excel. Josh Wariboko and his brother Max get along fine and Josh feels it would be good to attend college together, after all it wont be long before Max is recruited.

'15 OK OG Josh Wariboko
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