A Recap Of Hale Hentges 2015 Buckeye Visit

A Recap Of Hale Hentges 2015 Buckeye Visit

Hale Hentges

For 2015, the Ohio State Buckeyes are looking to sign up two tight ends. One of the tight ends they'd love to recruit is Missouri's Hale Hentges

In order to get a good look at the  Buckeyes offer, Hale Hentges and his family visited OSU last fall. According to him, meeting (Urban) Meyer was the most important part of his trip. Even though he had met him before, he thought the guy was very humble and ordinary.

In mid-March, the 6-foot-4 230 pounder Hentges told 11W of his lean towards his home state team in Missouri. Having been born, raised and schooled in Missouri and all his family there, he was always a fan of the Home state School. But now what matters is getting the best fit for himself in a college.


It is now the turn of the Ohio State Buckeyes to demonstrate to Hale Hentges of what they can offer both on and off the field advantages over other schools that he is considering.

But so far, having visited the facilities and spending time with coaches, Hentges and his family already like what they see. They have also met with the Dean of the Business School at Ohio State.

For the night, the Hentges are spending it in Columbus and will continue with the Buckeye tour in the early morning before heading out to Michigan State for the weekend. But even though the Buckeyes have left quite a mark on him, he is not ready to terminate his current plans and train of thouight.

According to him, he will continue with his visits as planned in order to announce his top three favorites. He is however not made up in making any commitment yet.

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