New Low, 8th Grader Commits to Kentucky Basketball

New Low, 8th Grader Commits to Kentucky Basketball
Kentucky Wildcats

New Low, 8th Grader Commits to Kentucky Basketball

    Recruiting slipped to a new low this month when a Conejo Valley eighth grader verbally committed to the Kentucky basketball program before selecting a high school to attend.

By Steve Patterson

As if all the recruiting violations by college coaches and the money be passed down to college players from professional agents wasn’t enough for those seeking complete recruiting insanity? Kentucky has taken it all to a new level by accepting the verbal commitment from one Michael Avery before he even enters high school.

    The poor 6’4” player from Thousand Oaks won’t enter college until the 2011 season. He had a nice performance in one of Ohio’s many tournaments but everyone was scratching their heads when word came that Kentucky coach Billy Gillispie had made the offer. Now news organizations across the country and an abundant number of reporters in the Kentucky area are calling trying to get the inside story from a kid who just wanted to play grade school ball.

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