Why Mitchell Melton Chose Ohio State

Why Mitchell Melton Chose Ohio State

Mitchell Melton

The 2020 recruiting class for the Ohio State saw a number of fantastic prospects join their ranks for the upcoming season. One of the most prolific names to surface from this is that of Olney based Mitchell Melton. Standing at six foot three and weighing a very respectable 235 pounds, the outsider linebacker is one of several coups for the Buckeyes. A stark contrast to the more recent shift of OSU towards smaller, faster linebackers, Mitchell Melton is a larger linebacker than what fans have been used to seeing in recent recruits. Not that that means, by any accounts that he will have any less of an impact for the college team.

Mitchell Melton's Strengths

Despite his bigger stature, Mitchell Melton is certainly not missing much in terms of speed with very respectable showings in testing, something which will undoubtedly only increase once he is integrated within the Ohio State fitness program. Perhaps the greatest attribute this young man brings however is that of agility, with a great set of stats to accompany his profile. Mitchell Melton moves well, he's perfectly apt in regards to pace and very agile, particularly for someone of his stature. With a great tactical brain, Melton is a great defensive prospect who had a good track record with ensuring plays are defended to the very best standards. While he needs work on coverage and has plenty of room to grow, OSU will certainly be content with this recruit.

College Scholarship Offers

With offers coming in several directions, from Michigan, Notre Dame, Air Force and Duke, there was only one real challenge to OSU coming from the offer from Michigan. With visits at Notre Dame, Ohio State and Michigan respectively, it was OSU that really caught the linebackers eye with the decision seemingly unanimous. Seemingly falling in love with Ohio State's infamous program, it was a shoe in for Mitchell Melton, with very little challenge coming from elsewhere.

Why He Chose Ohio State

A man who is guided by his faith, Mitchell Melton seemed ecstatic to announce his decision with his passion and commitment to OSU evident in his social media activity. Having played his football with Our Lady of Good Counsel High School, this was a huge step for the young linebacker but one both the team and himself will be delighted with. What makes him stand out, as well as his devout and very obvious faith is his devotion to education, with the aim to study within finance and sports marketing, something which heavily influenced his decision to join the OSU 2020 recruiting class.

Coming In as a Bullet

It is understood that Mitchell Melton is likely to begin his playing career with OSU in the new bullet position. He is the seventeenth commitment for the OSU 2020 recruiting class and one that is surely to be celebrated and will be looked towards to go for the quarterback whatever position he eventually settles into. He is currently three star rated and rated 19th in the state, certainly a good acquisition. It should be noted that linebacker spots are far and few between within college football currently and so this makes it an even greater success for Mitchell, himself. One to watch in coming years? Certainly.

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