Is Daniel Giddens a Good Choice for Ohio State

Is Daniel Giddens a Good Choice for Ohio State


April Fool’s Day

I thought it was an April Fool’s Day joke when talk of previous Ohio State and Alabama player C Daniel Giddens having enthusiasm for coming back to Ohio State. Ohio State is keen on taking Giddens back in Columbus. This comes after first year recruit Jaedon LeDee's name sprung up in the NCAA exchange window on March 28 and OSU declared the forward leaving.

Ohio State Roster Need

When you get over the underlying stun of Ohio State having enthusiasm for the arrival of a previous Buckeye that did not light the world ablaze, the move really bodes well from the program. Chris Holtmann is in urgent need of a backup for Kaleb Wesson and a good edge defender, and Kyle Young can't do it. Ibrahima Diallo could be that person, however not as a first-year recruit.

Center Giddens was a four-star player and the nation's tenth rated big man in the 2015 class. As a green bean, Giddens played in 33 matches, opening seven for an Ohio State group that went 10-7 in the Big Ten and 22 of 14 overall. Giddens averaged 3.6 on the boards with 3.8 points.

Playing a Role

If not for the name and reputation related with him, Giddens feels like an incredible fit for the job. His tenure at Alabama didn’t break any records as they played small ball and Giddens struggled with a wrist injury. But he can block shots and fill a defensive void when Wesson sits on the bench. He won’t be looking for big minutes and will understand his role on the team.

In the wake of playing three years, Giddens will have one year of qualification remaining. Even though Giddens knows about the Buckeyes, the Scarlet and Gray training staff has changed since the last time he was in Columbus and Tuesday's visit will permit Giddens to become acquainted with Chris Holtmann and see if there is a fit.

Giddens has an unmistakable specialty and it gives some quick help to the foul-cheerful Wesson. That feels like a quite decent arrangement. Conceivably the best Ohio State can do in the portal. Particularly if Joey Brunk isn't keen on sitting behind Kaleb. Given that Ohio State battled with shot blocking and rebounding last year, I think Giddens could give a supportive flash.

Not Unique

Each circumstance is one of a kind, yet there are a lot of instances of fruitful reunions if Giddens decides to come back to Ohio State. Concerning Giddens, he's looking for a spot where he can contribute promptly and complete his school career with a bright spot. What's more, he enjoyed Ohio State as a program and a college enough to go there out of school, it bodes well he'd like it enough to need to return.

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