Dawand Jones Offers Visits and Basketball

Dawand Jones Offers Visits and Basketball


Dawand Jones, the 6ft 8 inches, 360lbs Ben Davis football offensive tackle and a talented basketball player is at crossroads with choosing the college to go play for, following an overwhelming pool of full scholarship offers from several universities across the country. He also has offers in basketball as well; although he loves basketball, he’s beginning to develop a stronger interest in football.

Offers and Visits

Within the past couple of months, Dawand received offers from the football teams of some prestigious schools like USC, Florida State, Auburn, Ohio State, Michigan, Indiana, Mississippi State, Cincinnati, TCU, etc. with a full scholarship offer in most cases. Jones has visited Ohio State, Michigan, to pick up offers from these universities. He made an official visit to Florida State on the 15th of December 2018. Herb Hand the co-offensive coordinator for Texas visited Ben Davis in order to offer Jones a hand in the team. He has also made an official visit to some other schools USC, etc.

Basketball Offers

In Basketball he also picked up a division 1 offer from Northern Michigan and some division 2 offers from the following schools like Cleveland state, Bowing state, Kent State, Ball state, etc. According to Jones, basketball is a game he loves and would love to play in college. He made official visits last summer to two of the universities mentioned above like Ball State and Kent State. He seems to be putting into consideration his interests in both basketball and football in order to determine the best fit and which school best serves his interest in both games.

Dewand's mum would prefer the son to be more of a basketball player because she feels it suits him more and she believes he loves the sport, however, she has left it for him to make the choice. She believes the ball is in his court so the decision should be his.

Top Schools

Currently, he has narrowed down his options to a few schools; at this time it is still unclear which of them he would choose from. Some of the most likely are Texas, Ohio State, Michigan. Following his visit to the Wolverines, he loved the family and oneness he saw amongst teammates, and he believed it’s a place where the team members would stick out their necks for each other, he was very pleased with the environment and was certain it would be a nice place to be. He is really interested in where he would be pushed to become a better player and he wants a coach that would lead him into realizing his full potential.

The Indianapolis 3-star who is currently ranked at number 989 in the country, number 84 as an offensive tackle and number 13 in the whole of Indiana. Has been playing at the highest stage in his entire balling career and is concerned about making a choice that will help him remain at that level. He hasn’t decided yet, but we expect an announcement from him anytime from now.
He is a very talented player in both basketball and football and could potentially become one of the best offensive tackles in the country.


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