Gee Scott, Eastside Catholic High-school’s WR to Play for Ohio in 2020

Gee Scott, Eastside Catholic High-school’s WR to Play for Ohio in 2020


The recent move by the four-star wide receiver of Eastside Catholic High-school (Washington) Gee Scott to play for Ohio in 2020 has just left many Americans in surprise. This is after he committed to join the Buckeyes for the 2020 games. Considering his wonderful gaming skills, there’s no doubt that this move is really going to be a huge win for the state of Ohio.

Scott (6-foot-3, 200 pounds) has just the right body size, height, and the needed speed for a desired performance in the field. Gee Scott currently ranks at position 2 in the Washington state and on the 70th position nationally. Also, he is at number 15 based on the 2020 recruitments report.

Gee’s decision to be one of the Buckeyes in 2020 has seen Ohio’s position improving from 5th to 3rd in the composite state recruitment rankings. This just supports how amazingly the Ohio state has gained following the commitment.

Scott’s October 2018 Visit to Columbus, Ohio to Watch Buckeyes Play Indiana

The visit by the wide receiver Gee Scott seems to be where all the interests began. Gee was extremely amazed by whatever he saw at the Columbus campus. First, he found the environment quite conducive for learning and at the same time really promising for his future football career. Besides, he could not manage to underestimate the school's deep history in football. As he was watching the match, there's a time he even envisioned himself playing in the field for the Buckeyes. According to him, all the moves and passes were just so amazing and he got hooked up even much more.

His Relationship with Rob Sims

The connection between Scott’s family and Sims is way beyond powerful. It was founded about a decade ago when Scott Sr. (Gee’s father) was in a really tough life situation. Scott Sr. was really down financially to an extent that he could not manage to rent a house for himself. So, he resorted to using his car as the home.

During this time, his two sons including Scott Jr. himself used to stay with his wife. This was where Sims came in. He gave Scott Sr. a room in his house where even his two sons could always visit him on weekends.

Sims rescued the family when it was almost falling to the ground. So, honestly, Scott’s latest announcement on the 25th of December that he’ll be joining the Buckeyes isn’t just merely to play football but also as a way of saying, thank you. Frankly, it was an amazing Christmas gift to the entire state of Ohio.

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