Alpha Male Darvon Hubbard Makes A He-Man Commitment

Alpha Male Darvon Hubbard Makes A He-Man Commitment


Commitments continue to pour in from the Ohio State class of 2020. And the latest to make the pledge was Darvon Hubbard, a 4-star player with the highest recorded carries on his running back. At the height of six feet and weight of 200 pounds, you would think that the alpha male would be less mobile than most. And you're wrong.

Darvon Hubbard has a rather Ronaldo-like speed and agility on the American football field. Heavy as he is, OSU's sixth commitment for the class defies the laws of physics rivaling an X-Man. No doubt, records will continue to be broken as Darvon Hubbard teams up like a glue with pal, Jack Miller who's a record-breaker in his own right. No wonder David Hubbard has received offers from all the major football schools in the country.

Verbal Commitment

Of course, nothing is official until Darvon Hubbard signs the deal. However, in the exhilarating world of macho men, keeping your word means a lot. You just can't back out of a football commitment without losing your reputation in the process. And out here, reputation means a lot; you can tell that to Taylor Swift.

OSU 2020 Class

As it stands right now, the Buckeyes have received the second biggest number of commits. So naturally, everybody's wondering who's next. If a commitment streak ensues, it's only a matter of time before the Florida spell is broken in the pledging battle of the American football schools. At two to go each, the 2019 and 2020 classes of OSU are tied for second place as far as player commits go.

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