Dwan Mathis Shifts Loyalties To Ohio State

Dwan Mathis Shifts Loyalties To Ohio State


Dwan Mathis Switches from MSU to the Buckeyes

Dwan Mathis, Oak Park native, has made the decision to shift his dedication from Michigan State to Ohio State. It wasn't an easy decision, only made after careful consideration. Mathis is a four star prospect and ranks at 251 in his class. Having committed to MSU in 2017, Mathis, at just under six and a half feet tall and weighing in at 195 pounds has now become the sole quarterback in the new class of OSU.

The Ohio State Visit

Dwan's father, Terence Mathis, explained that the Spartans granted Dwan permission to visit Ohio State, and he, along with his family, made the visit on Friday. Coach Urban Meyer, and his staff, as well as the impressive cast of dual threat quarterbacks their program has produced (J.T. Barrett, Braxton Miller, Terrelle Pryor) provided the strong impetus to help Dwan shift his loyalties. In addition, he also had the chance to visit with another running quarterback new to the Buckeyes, Dwayne Haskins. This past November, Haskins was able to demonstrate his skills when he led Ohio's team to victory over Michigan when he stepped in for Barrett when he was injured.

Why did Mathis Switch?

Terence Mathis says Meyer's record of successes, with nine quarterbacks who were first round picks for the NFL, Dwan's meeting with the staff, and their methods of developing top notch dual quarterbacks offered Dwan what he wants, a shot at winning a national championship. Michigan State still holds a place in his heart, and he'll still be cheering for his home state school with the exception of games in which they go up against OSU. Terence also stated that it was an emotional decision making process, both for Dwan and his family, but he thought it was the "best decision."

Michigan State commit QB Dwan Mathis on recent Ohio State offer

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