Craig Young Ohio State Enrollment Developments

Craig Young Ohio State Enrollment Developments


Breaking News on Craig Young Ohio State Recruitment - Three star player Craig Young signs for Ohio State: How This Affects the Buckeyes

On Friday last week, Ohio State announced a signing from three star player Craig Young. This is how it affects the Buckeyes' recruiting class of 2019.

Hailing from Fort Wayne, IN, Young is the eleventh recruit to Ohio State's 2019 class. He is rated 685 as a player overall by 247Sports, and ninety-two as a receiver. However, these ratings do not tell the whole story, because Young will play defensively in future.

On Tuesday, when he arrived at camp, Young already had an offer, however this was a chance to advance his career and become an athlete that Ohio State would be happy to take. Done and dusted. Young performed impressively during camp, exhibiting explosive power while training at linebacker, defensive end and safety.

Urban Meyer watched Young do a defensive back rep, then called him over and told him how much larger he could get, then promptly shifted him to linebacker. This was quite humorous, because it seemed like Young's destiny was decided in that instant, and now he plays for the Buckeyes.

From what Young showed during training this week, it is clear that his athleticism is something special. Therefore, he has been recruited and they will decide his position in future. His movement was outstanding when playing safety, particularly given that he is six foot three inches tall (Young claims to be six foot four inches) and weighs 212 pounds. He has genuine track speed, with the physique of a defensive end. Young came third in the Indiana state 100 meter race this month, clocking a time of 10.58 seconds. That is fairly close to the times that Parris Campbell, the OSU receiver, achieved during high school.

Young managed twenty-nine receptions over 367 yards as a junior, along with four touchdowns. Also, he claimed thirty-nine carries over 255 yards, with a couple of touchdowns. Defensively, he made twenty-seven tackles, three interceptions and one and a half sacks.

In all likelihood, the Buckeyes will want Young to be an outside linebacker. This will mean that Ohio State has two players in this position for 2019.

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