Dallas Gant Declares To Ohio State

Dallas Gant Declares To Ohio State


There was some good news for Buckeyes fans on Tuesday. They have an official commitment from, arguably, one of the country's best prospect at outside linebacker when Dallas Gant made his decision known to the public. He had quite a few options and all of them were great schools, but in the end he chose Ohio State. At six foot three inches tall, Gant is a mountain of a man, and certainly, Ohio State got the inch ahead because of the home state factor.

Urban Meyer with his crew have now moved up in the draft class board from four to two because of Gant's pledge to play. Gant will enroll as soon as possible, and will be a huge benefit to the team on the field. He is a heavy-hitter with a great mind for the game, and has the speed to play sideline to sideline. He has the ability to be a team leader for years to come along with the ability to think on the fly with audibles and defensive hot routes. He can be dropped into any scheme and can play all three positions of linebacker. The man can put in work on and off the field as well. He has a freaky work ethic and, according to reports, is a "first one in last one to leave" type of plate when it comes to the gym.

With this new declaration it looks like Ohio State and Urban Meyer's boys will be ready to rock for the upcoming season.

Dallas Gant explaining his Ohio State commitment
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