Matta Gets Some Verbal Basketball Commitments

Matta Gets Some Verbal Basketball Commitments


Have you ever seen that gorgeous Thad Matta smile where his grin spreads across his face, and his eyes light up the entire room? Think and try to remember.

He smiled like that when Illinois lost to Ohio State in 2005. He smiled like that in 2007 when Mike Conely, Jr. and Greg Ogden were chopping away at the Net. He smiled like that in 2010 when that awesome Evan Turner shot hit the net and beat Michigan. You saw in the pre-Final Four of 2012 too when the Buckeyes smashed Syracuse. He smile like that in 2013 when that last-minute shot by Aaron Craft came in and beat Iowa State for the tournament.

Matta smiled that same way today as he was dealing with two prospects from the Ohio State class of 2018.

The two prospects gave their commitments to Matta today and will play with each other on the King James AAU side. Darius Bazley and Justin Ahrens are the two prospects that will be doing this. Bazley was 6-8, and Ahrens was 6-5.

Ahrens decided to commit after he visited OSU.

Ahrens said that he had been talking about committing for a while, but once he visited coach Matta, he knew that's where he wanted to be.

He said that the two boys were so pleased to commit that they played a little prank on coach Matta.

They snuck into cocah Matta's office and then told him they were committing. He was stoked to say the least.

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