Ohio State’s Urban Meyer Lobbies For Change

Ohio State’s Urban Meyer Lobbies For Change

Urban Meyer

An underclassmen combine is endorsed by Urban Meyer for draft prospects

As far as football goes, Meyer always seems to be one step ahead of everyone else. On Wednesday, he mentioned that he is working with coaches and the US Football Coach Association on permitting potential early entrants to NFL drafts in future, to audition for executives and scouts earlier without disqualifying themselves for selection. This appears to reflect what has been done in the sport of college basketball, by permitting players to enroll for the draft, then test their skills without being penalized. Meyer championing this motion is appropriate, particularly given that Ohio State had nine players sacrifice their eligibility to enroll for the NFL Draft just past.

Meyer states that the existing process needs improvement, and he is correct. Lots of juniors want to join the NFL, so the league looks closely at many of these players, but the assessments can not be extensive without a player sacrificing his eligibility. Speaking to Zac Jackson from PFT, Meyer said that the players are receiving their information from somewhere, so they might as well get it from experts --- the general managers, the scouts, the people who possess accurate information. At the moment, they are receiving information from agents and wannabes, which is not always accurate. If you speak to any player who has worked with Meyer before, they will say that he has helped them develop as individuals, and that he always has their best interests at heart. This is just another instance of this.

Urban Meyer on Ohio State's record-setting NFL Draft
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