Hale Hentges A Coveted Tight End

Hale Hentges A Coveted Tight End

Hale Hentges

Hale Hentges would likely enjoy extending the month of February. As a top247 prospect, he has enjoyed watching his recruitment explode, getting a dozen excellent offers from across the U.S.  The 6' 4", 235 pound prospect spent some time visiting the in-state program, definitely a big day because the Tigers are anticipating sealing the border and landing their top 3 prospects in the state of Missouri.

Hentges said his visit to Missouri went well and that he got to spend some quality time with Coach Josh Henson, Coach Gary Pinkel and Coach Andy Hill, in addition to having a chance to talk with Drew Lock and Alex Ofodile. He said that they brought them back together and they were able to discuss becoming a legend in the state of Missouri and helping Mizzou realize that level because they are all right there. He also explained that he enjoyed his time there and many positive things came from his visit.

Hentges, according to 247 Sports Composite is the #6 tight end and got strong support from Missouri coaches regarding being the next greatest Tigers' tight end, as well as providing the trio as being instrumental in helping Missouri take the next steps as a program.

Hentges said that they told him that Michael Egnew, Martin Rucker and Chase Coffman were 3 All-American tight ends that they've had, but they felt that he could be the right guy to help them reach the next level, that being the National Championship. He continued by saying that they thought that with these great in-state players it will be possible.

Looking forward, Hentges feels that Missouri has positioned itself to compete annually in the SEC.

Hentges said that Missouri has a great deal of young talent. Some key players, such as Henry Josey, James Franklin and others were lost; however, he thinks they could get back to where they had been with their schedule and win many games. He thinks it will be interesting to watch how they do in the future.

There is one thing for certain, the competition for Hentges is quite intense, with numerous viable options for a tight end for theTop247. For now, the Tigers are definitely in the mix.

Surprisingly, at the moment, a couple out-of-state programs continue to make the biggest push to get Hengtes.

Tennessee and the Ohio State Buckeyes are probably the ones trying the hardest to recruit me, but I'm not sure which is making the biggest impression, said Hentges.

Two other programs have entered the competition for Hentges this week, with Georgia and Virginia both extending offers to this coveted tight end.

Hentges plans to make a visit to Michigan State, Ohio State and Michigan in the near future with trips to Florida State, Alabama and Auburn also on the docket. If there is time in his schedule, Hentges will also likely make a visit to Georgia.

Hentges said that he was curious about finding out more about Alabama and Florida State. Acknowledging that they both offer powerhouse programs, he said he was anxious to get down there, check out the campus and meet with the coaches.

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