Gabe Megginson Of Illinois Gets Buckeye Offer

Gabe Megginson Of Illinois Gets Buckeye Offer

Gabe Megginson

In July of last year, Gabe Megginson, the offensive tackle from Jacksonville Ill drove over 430 miles to Ohio State University. The trip was basically to enable him participate in Buckeye's a camp known as Friday Night Lights. The aim was that Gabe would put up an impressive performance in the presence of the Ohio State coaching staff. This, it was hoped, would help earn him a scholarship to the institution, the Ohio State buckeyes. Fortunately, things went as planned and the call came from Christ Ash of the Buckeyes.

Meggison later said it was Chris Ash who made the decision to offer the scholarship. Chris Ash is the main recruiter for the team. Christ is apparently a kind man and considered a great person. Meggison enjoys talking to him but is yet to know him pretty well, according to him. The university has made him an offer and they are all very excited about the prospect of him joining the team and playing for them.

According to Gabe Megginson, he had some personal experience on how the Ohio State staff handle their training and other matters. This is thanks to his FNL visit a while ago. He also got an opportunity to view the facilities available at the institution. He also got to understand and appreciate the intensity of the training that the coaches dole out. According to Gabe, he is really looking forward for his trip back to Columbus, Ohio, and to know the training and coaching staff members much better.

Megginson stands at an impressive 6-foot-5-inches and weighs in at 280 pounds. He plays offensive tackle and has done so since his early years in high school. This is the exact position Buckeyes want him to play. However, there have been other offers made to Gabe Megginson from other institutions. They include offers from Penn State, Michigan State, Mississippi State, Ole Miss and a couple of others. It is not just his talent that is impressive but his performance in class as well, with a GPA of 3.0 points. However, Gabe seems keen to play for Ohio State buckeyes.

Gabe Megginson - Football Highlights - Class of 2015
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