The Iron Fist of the NCAA

The Iron Fist of the NCAA

The Iron Fist of the NCAA

Collegiate athletes "enjoy" amateur status and are compensated by the universities they represent with scholarships or reduced tuition. While this may seem like a fair trade on the surface, athletes may spend up to six hours a day on the practice field, in the weight room or in the film room. Athletes then must find time to complete their studies to maintain their eligibility. Athletes do not have time for a part time job to help cover the bills, yet they are not paid by the university for their services that bring in large dollars for the school.

Recently, several high profile athletes have been suspended for selling or trading their collegiate merchandise, given to them by the university, for services or extra cash. The NCAA determines that this is a violation of their governing rules, even though the property is owned by the athletes who in theory should be able to do what they want with their personal property.



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