Time Warner and Big Ten Network Reach Deal…Finally

Time Warner and Big Ten Network Reach Deal…Finally
Big Ten Network

Time Warner and Big Ten Network Reach Deal…Finally

Cable giant Time Warner has finally reached a deal with the Big Ten Network. The network will now be available to all Time Warner customers, just in time for the first Ohio State football game of the season.

By Eric Geier
BrutusReport.com Writer

Ohio State AD Puts Scare into Time Warner

    Gene Smith may have scared Time Warner straight. Last week, Gene Smith took a stand, encouraging Ohio State fans to switch to a cable company that would provide all Ohio State games. Just one week later the two companies reached a deal.

Time Warner Statement

    Time Warner released a statement yesterday saying, “Time Warner Cable and the Big Ten Network announced that they have reached an agreement-in-principle on terms of carriage for the Big Ten Network and its high-definition and video-on-demand programming on Time Warner Cable's lineups throughout the Big Ten territory, including Ohio and Wisconsin.” It went on to say, “The pending agreement will ensure that Time Warner Cable's customers across these Big Ten states will have access to this Saturday's Big Ten college-football season openers and all future Big Ten Network programming on an expanded basic level of service.”

Applaud the Actions

    The deal was reached just in time for the start of the season, allowing time for both the Big Ten Network and Time Warner to prepare for the first broadcast. Some fans and critics, including 1460 The Fan’s own Mike Ricordati thought the letter was in bad taste and proceeded to blast Gene Smith for his actions, proving why a guy from Chicago shouldn’t be allowed to talk Buckeye sports. I for one, commend Gene Smith for taking a stand and at least doing something while the rest of the Ohio State faculty and the city of Columbus (including myself) remained complacent.

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