What if Woods was Healthy?

What if Woods was Healthy?
Tiger Woods

What if Woods was Healthy?

What if Tiger Woods had been healthy the past 10 years? Having a powerful swing puts a lot of pressure on your knee joints and just this week we found out the Tiger Woods has had a bad left knee for 10 to 12 years; his entire PGA career, according to the 14 time major tournament champion.

Surgery Again

            Tiger missed the Memorial Tournament this year for the first time since winning the tournament three years straight from 1999 to 2001. Everyone assumed that he was fine and just saving himself for the US Open. But during the US Open he looked to be struggling and favoring the recently scoped joint. Then shortly after his playoff victory we found out that Tiger would need surgery again and be out for the whole season.


            Last Tuesday Tiger had his left knee reconstructed. Taking a hamstring tendon and replacing the ACL in his left knee, he will need to be on crutches and in a cast for at least three weeks.  Long-term recovery could be anywhere from 6 months to a year depending on how well he heals.

How Good

            How good must Tiger be compared to everyone else if he not only won 15 championships on a bad knee but played in the US Open and won when he shouldn’t have been on the course?


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