Cam Akers is Now Florida State's Hottest Property

Cam Akers is Now Florida State's Hottest Property


Cam Akers now belongs to Florida State, to the dismay of Mississippi, which spent years trying to sign up the high school football superstar. Ole Miss meant to make Cam Akers the cornerstone of the team, and it is disappointing that the state failed to get what it wanted.

Cam Akers is one of four sought-after football athletes that the clubs are dying to get their hands on. At any rate, the feeling is mutual for both the Seminoles and Cam Akers, because it is uncertain if the Florida football team can accord Cam Akers the same star-treatment status as the other team had promised.

At such an early stage in his football career, Cam Akers has already amassed records that are the envy of anybody in the sport. At a very young age, he is every inch and pound for pound, a true Alpha male worthy of the respect and admiration of his fellow males. Just an inch shy of six feet, Cam Akers' 213 pounds of pure muscle are enough to intimidate as well as tackle any hard-hitting player in the field.

His yards and touchdown numbers alone were enough to convince Florida that it could not possibly lose in signing up Cam Akers. The team is so lucky that it did not take Cam Akers too long to make the final choice. Otherwise, the state would have died from the prolonged suspense.

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