Unraveling Fact about Kareem Walker’s Withdrawal from the Buckeye

Unraveling Fact about Kareem Walker’s Withdrawal from the Buckeye


When it all began, Ohio State was glad for their Buckeye running back recruiting. The name was Depaul's Kareem Walker. He’s a 5-star RB with a strong commitment to improving in his career. However, the gratitude of the Buckeyes won’t last long as this man decided to withdraw from his earlier decision. Kareem has made a decision to withdraw from this team and open up is recruitment again. It’s a bad news for the Ohio State Buckeyes. Needless to say, they have lost a running back recently. The name is George Hill. They choose Antonio Williams as the replacement. Perhaps it affects Walker’s decision to withdraw from this football team. Plus, this decision seems solid, so he won’t change his mind for sure.

Kareem Walker’s De-Commitment

There were many rumors about Kareem Walker. He even visited Michigan last month. This caused a rumor that he was interested in joining the rival team. There isn’t clear information whether he will visit his current team as he planned before. He said that he won’t give any comments until he finishes his businesses related to the intent national letter. With this, he has about a year to reconsider his decision after giving his signals of withdrawal from the Buckeyes. On October 10, Kareem made an official visit to Michigan. This intensified rumor that he would withdraw and de-commit. This best running back of 2016 also visited Arizona State, Alabama, and Mississippi.

Recent News about Kareem Walker

At the time he visited Michigan, he wasn't able to be reached at all for comments. Yet, there was a reliable source of information indicated that Kareem Walker had been considering about some programs that have presented him with studentships. With this, it isn’t clear whether he still considers the Buckeyes. He made a comment through his Twitter account that he has had some meetings either with coaches or his family. He has decided to de-commit to Ohio State and that is all we know. He doesn’t want to burden himself wit the Buckeyes. His heart is telling him the other way. He won’t be able to work hard with his current condition at Ohio State.

Some people say that the recent Buckeye running back recruiting is affecting Kareem’s decision to withdraw from the team. He says that he will take some visits and makes a decision over time. He wants the best for him and his family. He only needs to focus on his grades and play. The news that he takes official visits is old news. In fact, some fans believe that Kareem still has the commitment to the Buckeye. They want him to be able to compete against Antonio Williams. Yet, Walker won’t likely to be affected with this. For now, he’s looking around before making a firm decision.

Of course, Kareem Walker has drawn a few negative responses from the fans after his unofficial announcement of his withdrawal. The only one who stands up is Jourdan Lewis. He comes to Walker’s defense. Kareem hasn’t made a firm decision yet. There’s a chance that he still has the commitment to the Buckeye. Jim Harbaugh also gives an advice for the fans. They should be more careful with their comments in social media as they may accidentally violate NCAA regulation. So, what is Kareem’s final decision?

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