Mistake Turned Success For Gavin Cupp

Mistake Turned Success For Gavin Cupp

Gavin Cupp

Gavin Cupp, Michigan State's former triple star offensive guard who was dropped for participating in Friday Night Lights , has received an offer from Ohio State to join the Buckeyes team, and he has accepted the offer.

Yesterday's disaster appears to be today's masterstroke for Gavin Cupp.

Cupp defied Michigan States wishes by competing in Ohio State's Friday Night Lights camp. Only one week after Gavin Cupp was let go by the Spartans, he has accepted an offer from the Ohio State team. Gavin Cupp is from Leipsic, Ohio.

Cupp, who is six foot five and weighs 285 lbs., is the number 34 offensive guard of the 2016 class. He has been named one of the 10 best offensive linemen by Scout.com, after he made an impression at the Columbus Regional Opening Camp hosted by Nike.

"Gavin Cupp is a great athlete," said Dave Berk, a recruiting analyst for Scout.com. "He comes from a small high school where players don't often get to compete against the high quality of players that he went up against on Sunday. He's got the makings of becoming a great offensive lineman as he moves up and keeps developing his technique."

Gavin Cupp is the 20th verbal commitment for Ohio State for 2016, and they are ranked as number 1 in the country.

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