Class Of 2016 Austin Mack Has Chosen Ohio State

Class Of 2016 Austin Mack Has Chosen Ohio State


Austin Mack, a four starred wide receiver from Bishop Luers, committed to Ohio State. In Fort Wayne Indiana he explains why he chose his loyalty to Ohio State. Mack had other schools to choose from such as, Notre Dame, Tennessee and Michigan, but he chose The Ohio State Buckeyes.

On Sunday morning Austin Mack publically announced to the public his decision. Mack, the four star wide receiver, who was one of the Midwest's greatest talents explained his choice. He quoted to the public that Ohio State was his first choice. He figured it was the Buckeyes all the way after giving it much thought. He thought about the move for months , then he and his family decided that playing for Ohio State was an excellent opportunity. His order of schools began with Ohio State as first, followed by Tennessee, Michigan and finally Notre Dame.

What exactly made him choose Ohio State? He stated that he had a greater opportunity to play in the national championship, and the location was perfect since his family lives nearby. They also offered him everything that he was looking for.

He also stated that it would be an honor to play for Coach Urban Meyer even though he knew that he should not choose a school just for the coach. Meyer has connections everywhere, not just with football but with many other things.

Mack's grand performance at the regionals, Columbus Nike, earned the 205 pound, six-foot two receiver his spot in the Opening. Many experts agree that he will contribute immediately at Ohio State. Mack understands that everyone has high expectations of him and he is ready to fulfill them. He is very excited in getting a possible chance to play early. In 2016's class, Mack is a 4 star player ranked the 17th best wide receiver.

Austin Mack "The Decision" Top 4 Notre Dame, Michigan, Ohio State, & Tennessee
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