Mickey Mitchell Re-Commits To The Buckeyes

Mickey Mitchell Re-Commits To The Buckeyes

Mickey Mitchell is set play for the Buckeyes again this season. Mitchell is a four-star 2015 forward who comes from Plano,Texas and he has recently made a second commitment to the Ohio State Basketball team.

Mickey initially signed-up for the Buckeyes last August, but left last month after his brother Mike, a footballer for Ohio State accepted a transfer to Texas Tech.

Mickey Mitchell announced his latest commitment to the Buckeyes on his public Twitter account.

The young 6-7 forward Mickey Mitchell is rated as the thirteenth best player in the nation by 247Sports. Mitchell joins the four-star center from Georgia, Daniel Giddens, four-star Texas shooting guard Austin Grandstaff and the three-star point guard A J Harris who hails from Dayton Dunbar.

Mickey Mitchell and Austin Grandstaff visited Ohio only State a few days ago, but no one could foresee Mickey would decide to commit to the Buckeyes for a second time. Mike Mitchell the footballer is Mickey's brother and he said his father's health was the main reason why he had transferred from Ohio State to Texas Tech.

Many fans felt Mickey Mitchell would select a school closer to home. Mitchell had offers from Kansas, Texas, Baylor, Southern Methodist and Texas A&M, but Ohio State was number one on Mickey's list.

Mickey Mitchell said the Ohio State team were legendary and their basketball training program was unique. Ken Mitchell, the boy's father told Cleveland.com that both his boys thrived at Ohio.

Grandstaff told Cleveland.com he committed to Ohio State because Mitchell was his best buddy, so Mitchell's friendship could have influenced the latest move.

Mickey Mitchell is a capable 6-7 forward who handles the ball well. Mickey is a great dunker and a highly skilled passer who will be a great help to the Buckeyes in the new season.

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