Mickey Mitchel Stepping Away From Ohio State

Mickey Mitchel Stepping Away From Ohio State

Mickey Mitchell

Mickey Mitchell has changed his mind in committing to play basketball for the Ohio State Buckeyes. Brother of Mike Mitchell who was linebacker for the Buckeyes, Mickey Mitchell seemed sure to leave the Buckeyes when his brother exited Ohio State football after his freshman year. Thad Matta, coach at Ohio State, had felt Mickey Mitchell would stay through 2015.

Mickey Mitchell was ranked 20th by Scout.com for 2015. He announced the change from the Buckeyes via Twitter. Brother Mike signed with Texas Tech this year. That college is closer to the Mitchells' home near Dallas, Texas.

Mike Mitchell had told Fox Sports that his departure was related to his father's health. Texas Tech is in Lubbock, Texas, only 300 miles from his family.

Ken Mitchell, father of the 2 athletes, confirmed that Mickey decided to leave the Buckeyes independent of his brother's decision to go. Mickey Mitchell had verbally committed to the team last August while visiting his brother on campus.

Ken Mitchell also stated that Mickey was impressed with Ohio State basketball and its educational program. He said Mike enjoyed Ohio State. Other schools in Texas and in Kansas are courting Mickey Mitchell with offers of scholarships.

These commitments remain in place for 2015 at Ohio State: Daniel Giddens of Marietta, Georgia, and Austin Grandstaff of Rockwell, Texas.

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