David Perkins Leaves Ohio State, Gets Arrested

David Perkins Leaves Ohio State, Gets Arrested

David Perkins Leaves Ohio State, Gets Arrested

David Perkins played nine games with Ohio State University last season. The linebacker recorded six tackles and broke up a single pass as a Buckeye. Unfortunately, the former Buckeye was recently arrested for a somewhat bizarre incident in which the details aren't completely available yet. Ohio State football released a statement, quickly stating that Perkins had left the program prior to the arrest.

In the early hours of May 25, Perkins attempted to enter a female's residence by force. He was yelling profanities and even broke into the vehicle of a different homeowner. Nobody involved in the situation claimed to know David Perkins. When police arrived, they found him covered in blood with multiple cuts. He later told hospital staff that he had been drinking alcohol before the incident.

Ohio State football severed ties with David Perkins recently at his own request. From there, Perkins apparently wanted to sign on with another university in the area. This incident occurred right by Bowling Green State University after all. He found limited success with the Buckeyes and more than likely desired a fresh start with a new program.

Either way, David Perkins will now face the consequences for this incident. His court date is scheduled for June 10, where he will face four separate charges. Perkins could spend some time in jail for this incident. In related news, Ohio State football recently courted a handful of high profile high school players. The loss of David Perkins probably won't affect the school in a noticeable way.

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