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Kendall Sheffield Confirmed To Go To Ohio State


Kendall Sheffield should be heading to Ohio State University based on reports confirmed by his father and other sources. Sheffield, who is 185 pounds and 6 feet tall, was accompanied by his parents to Ohio State during the weekend of November 26 when the Buckeyes went to double overtime to beat Michigan 30-27. Sheffield was considering Texas, Texas A&M and Ohio State, and it seemed like Sheffield was not favoring Texas A&M. However, Texas seemed to be more of a favorite over Ohio State because of the location. Texas did seem to relax their push; therefore, Ohio State became the leading place to prospect for Sheffield to move to the next level.

1/15/2017 10:03:52 PM
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Cam Akers is Now Florida State's Hottest Property


Cam Akers now belongs to Florida State, to the dismay of Mississippi, which spent years trying to sign up the high school football superstar. Ole Miss meant to make Cam Akers the cornerstone of the team, and it is disappointing that the state failed to get what it wanted.

Cam Akers is one of four sought-after football athletes that the clubs are dying to get their hands on. At any rate, the feeling is mutual for both the Seminoles and Cam Akers, because it is uncertain if the Florida football team can accord Cam Akers the same star-treatment status as the other team had promised.

1/3/2017 10:36:28 AM
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Ohio State's Top Remaining Target Sets Date


Ohio State's Top Remaining Target Sets Date

Urban Meyer may not know if Jeffrey Okudah (South Grand Prairie/Grand Prairie, TX) is coming to play for him next season, but he knows when he will find out. Okudah has announced that he will make his decision during the U.S. Army All-American game.

The cornerback is the number one ranked player at his position in the class of 2017. He is also ranked as the seventh overall senior in his class. Okudah is sought after. He garnered over 30 scholarship offers from some of the top programs in the nation. The final 3 schools he is considering are Ohio State, Oklahoma, and Florida State.

Schools want him for a good reason. He is pretty much ideally built to play his position. Jeffrey is 6'1" and weighs 190 pounds. he also possesses blazing speed and blanketing coverage skills. Urban Meyer would love to have him in his stifling defensive scheme.

12/7/2016 3:27:14 PM
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Wide Receiver Paul Woods Interested in Becoming a Buckeye


Not only did the Buckeyes pull off a win against Northwestern... they also impressed a recruit.

Several weekends ago, Paul Woods, a 2018 wide receiver, was in Columbus and had a "great" time during his visit. Though he attended Friday Night Lights throughout the summer, this was the first game that Woods had seen while in Columbus.

At present, Woods currently has one offer coming from Boston College. However, with Woods coming in at 6 foot 1, 170 pounds, combined with his impressive skill set, he will likely be one of the top wide receivers in his class as his senior year comes around. Woods is an avid Buckeyes fan, holding them in high regard and these two factors would make receiving an offers from Ohio State a big accomplishment for the young athlete. Though the Buckeyes are on to him early, it is just a matter of time until they are surrounded by a bevy of other top programs eager to snag the WR for their coming lineups.

12/5/2016 5:23:43 PM
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Meyer Lands Top Linebacker Out Of Texas Baron Browning

Baron Browning

Urban Meyer Lands Top Recruit for 2017 Class

Ohio State garners one of the top recruiting classes in the nation on an annual basis. This is the impetus for the team consistently contending for the national title. The current recruiting class was no exception. It got even better today when Baron Browning, one of the top high school linebackers in the country, committed to the Buckeyes.

The Senior from Kennedale, TX was recruited by some of the top programs in the nation, including Alabama. He is 6-foot-3 and weighs 230. He is the ideal size to play linebacker in Meyer's system. He also possesses blazing speed off of the edge.

Browning is the sole linebacker in OSU's 2017 class. Antjuan Simmons committed to the school but later rescinded. OSU has 16 total scholarship players coming in next season.

Right now, Alabama has the top class, but Ohio State is close on their heels with this latest signing. Browning is the number 2 rated outside linebacker in the country. He is the 3rd ranked player overall in Texas, the most competitive state in the nation. Browning is a 5-star recruit.

12/5/2016 5:13:33 PM
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Linebacker AJ Hawk Signs with the Atlanta Falcons


The Atlanta Falcons have captured the services of AJ Hawk.

Through his twitter account, the player's agent Mike McCartney broke the news of the player's return to the NFL on Tuesday afternoon. He formerly played for the Ohio State.

Hawk, who is now 32 years, spent nine seasons playing for the Green Bay Packers,before joining the Cincinnati Bengals in 2015 where he made 16 appearances.

10/25/2016 11:07:48 AM
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QB Danny Clark De-commits from Ohio State Class


Quarterback Danny Clark has separated from the Buckeyes recruiting class just as analysts suspected. They had a feeling when Tate Martell committed to Ohio State that something like that was going to happen. Their presumption manifested this week.

Clark posted a comment on his Twitter page that explained that he was de-committing from his promise to Ohio State University. He announced that he would be opening his recruitment for the first time in a long while.

The analysts never felt that Clark had the skill set that was necessary to be a quarterback. The fact that he had previously led his team to the state championship had no bearing on his overall suitability so they felt.

9/28/2016 10:57:57 AM
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Matta Gets Some Verbal Basketball Commitments


Have you ever seen that gorgeous Thad Matta smile where his grin spreads across his face, and his eyes light up the entire room? Think and try to remember.

He smiled like that when Illinois lost to Ohio State in 2005. He smiled like that in 2007 when Mike Conely, Jr. and Greg Ogden were chopping away at the Net. He smiled like that in 2010 when that awesome Evan Turner shot hit the net and beat Michigan. You saw in the pre-Final Four of 2012 too when the Buckeyes smashed Syracuse. He smile like that in 2013 when that last-minute shot by Aaron Craft came in and beat Iowa State for the tournament.

9/16/2016 10:27:28 PM
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Trevon Grimes Has Signed With OSU


A five-star wide receiver,Trevon Grimes, has made an official commitment to play for the Ohio State Buckeyes. He's considered one of several top recruits for the upcoming season. This news comes soon after OSU already signed four-star wide-out Tyjon Lindsey to also play for the Buckeyes.

Grimes attended St. Thomas Aquinas in Florida, a school that's been sending a lot of football players lately to Ohio State. He's been heavily recruited by a lot of college teams, and he's 202 pounds at 6'3" tall. Grimes has also been ranked as the 15th best football player in the nation, and he's gotten offers from schools like Michigan, Alabama, and Florida among several others. Along with Lindsey, he's considered a serious strength for the team.

8/23/2016 3:14:59 PM
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Michigan 'Hard Commit' Leonard Taylor To Visit Ohio State

Leonard Taylor

A Michigan Commit Visits Ohio State

The pre-season practice schedule is underway for Ohio State football. The team is experiencing victories even while preparing for their season. Their coaching staff has been pulling double-duty trying to be victorious in recruiting as well. This is a college coach's busiest time of the year but no staff does it better than the Ohio State coaches.

Leonard Taylor to Visit OSU

Michigan commit and elite 2018 prospect 'Leonard Taylor' from Springfield, Ohio has made it perfectly clear that he'll be making multiple visits this fall to Ohio State. He unexpectedly committed himself to the Wolverines last spring but never let his interest in the Buckeyes die. He stands 6ft. 6in. and weighs around 260lbs.

Taylor is definitely a big physical specimen with the ability to play tight end or on the defensive line in college ball. He's an Ohio native and surely one of the best prospects in his class. Once his senior year comes around those Ohio State coaches are going to be working like mules to flip him.

8/11/2016 3:20:17 PM
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